• Evaluation Core

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  • In July 2012, The Morehouse School of Medicine Evaluation and Institutional Assessment (EIA) Unit was established to increase the institution’s organizational capacity to evaluate the degree to which it has achieved its mission and strategic objectives associated with research, service, and education initiatives.

    MSM will thereby strengthen its ability to identify emerging and best-practices, make evidence-based decisions, and document local and national impact.  Since the awarding of the TCC grant, the EIA Unit has been engaged with the Principal Investigators of the TCC through conference calls, electronic correspondence, and in-person meetings.  Specifically, the EIA Unit has attended meetings held twice each month, the first being the progress call with Program Office and the second focused on planning, which have aided the evaluators in forecasting assessments and related timelines for evaluation activities.

    Specific Aim 1:

    To document processes towards the establishment of a transparent and participatory governance model that shares technology and resources with TCC partners, in order to collaboratively design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate innovative transdisciplinary programs of health policy research.

    Specific Aim 2:

    To establish systematic interaction with TCC sub-projects to provide technical assistance and guidance in evaluation planning and implementation associated with the Center’s approach to develop and refine, with the input of TCC partners, health policy research sub projects that will drive and sustain health equity by addressing quality and cost reduction.

    Specific Aim 3:

    To develop and establish an evaluation design that monitors the implementation and dissemination of a regional model for health policy research that will serve as a national resource for adaptable policies on health equity.