• Implementation and Dissemination Core

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  • The TCC Research Core has the lead responsibility for the Implementation and Dissemination Plan in collaboration with the Evaluation and Administrative Cores. The objective of the Implementation and Dissemination Plan is to identify and organize the sub-projects activities to promote the utilization of the each project’s research findings and the widest dissemination of knowledge translation.

    The plan is expanded in two directions: towards the project activities in order to enhance the potential of the projects to reduce or eliminate health disparities and towards the notification of the research findings to academic settings, the community, and health and human service settings within the target region. Implementation and Dissemination were conceptualized as horizontal activities to concentrate on identifying and disseminating the policy-relevant sub-projects research findings to a wide range of existing or potential stakeholders.

    Special attention will be given to the transfer of knowledge to community members, patients, and study participants throughout the region (i.e., targeting HHS Region IV).  Knowledge translation will be adapted to reach target groups and ensure that information is presented in innovative ways to keep all end users engaged throughout the duration of research projects and beyond.

    Specific Aims:

    Aim I: Provide implementation and dissemination collaborative and consultative research support to TCC investigators.

    • Provide technical support and consultation in developing replicable and sustainable implementation and dissemination plans for TCC investigators.
    • Promote implementation and dissemination research training opportunities for MSM investigators via quarterly workshops and seminars.
    • Assist TCC investigators to identify barriers and facilitators to reducing and eliminating health disparities at both the agency and structural levels.

    Aim 2: Provide technical support in knowledge translation, knowledge and technology transfer, exchange, integration, and brokering.

    • Promote the transfer of knowledge and technology gained from TCC sub-project research to key stakeholders across the Southern Region (i.e., community-based organizations, community clinics, providers, policymakers, etc.).
    • Promote knowledge translation from TCC investigators to end users through synthesis, dissemination, exchange and ethically sound application of knowledge.
    • Develop clear concise knowledge exchange plans for each sub-project to ensure that relevant and usable information is collected to assess the needs of the community served.
    • Integrate knowledge gained through sub-projects in decision making, practices and policies of organizations and systems across the Southern Region.
    • Promote the utilization of knowledge gained through evidence-based research.
    • Promote knowledge brokering to identify the gaps between researchers and communities served by TCC investigators through shared agendas, building new networks (community partners and collaborators), and capacity building.

    Aim 3: Provide technical support in the dissemination of TCC sub-project results.

    • Develop project-specific dissemination plans for each TCC sub-project.
    • Train TCC investigators in dissemination strategies through trainings and workshops.
    • Provide consultations in results reporting, and report and manuscript preparations.