• Sub Project 1

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  • Overview

    To effectively reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities, Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center (TCC) will engage nine states’ members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Action Institute (REHDAI) to evaluate the extent to which the outcomes of quality parenting impacts healthy child development, and how state and local policies ensure that every child receives quality parenting and early child development through supportive programs and public service delivery systems with community participation in decision-making.

    Specific Aims

    • Aim #1 of this initiative is to use quality parenting as an intervention for addressing childhood obesity and mental health inequities. To accomplish this aim, this proposed project will evaluate the impact of SHLI/MSM’s quality parenting intervention program, Smart and Secure Children (SSC), on childhood obesity and mental health, and the extent to which the outcomes can inform policy.
    • Aim #2 is to (A) evaluate the extent to which existing state and local policies in the nine REHDAI and Region IV states ensure that every child receives healthy early child development and to (B) evaluate how effective relevant programs or service delivery systems are in supporting community participation in decision-making and quality parenting. To accomplish this aim, SHLI/MSM proposes to evaluate existing policies, governmental programs and service delivery systems, including pre- and post-natal interventions, engage families and encourage community participation in decision making.
    • Aim #3 is to implement SSC in the nine REHDAI and Region IV states and demonstrate the extent to which this intervention can increase school readiness, reduce the prevalence of child neglect and obesity among in vulnerable and minority communities and inform relevant policy changes. To accomplish this aim, SSC will be implemented and its evaluated outcomes will be used to inform, change or develop relevant policies to enhance the provision of equitable early child development for children 0-5 years. 

    Sub Project 1 Team

    • Dr. Martha Okafor (Co-PI/Director)
    • Ms. Aneeqah Ferguson (Project Manager)
    • Ms. Yvonne Kirkland (Administrative Assistant)
    • Ms. Glendale Manning (Finance)

    National “ACE” Action on Childhood Equity - Collaborative

    Faculty Advisory Board (other roles for the Collaborative as described in the Collaborative playbook)

    Local TCC “ACE” councils


    • Dr. Daniel Sarpong (Fidelity Assessment)