• Patient Centered Health

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  • The NCPC training and resource center focuses on five key areas in which primary care practices need help in transforming themselves into the patient-centered health home of the 21st century.  These include the following:

    1. Effective use of Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technologies
    2. Provision of Culturally-Relevant and Linguistically-Appropriate Care
    3. Integration of Mental / Behavioral Health in Primary Care
    4. Managing Care and Outcomes in Chronic Disease
    5. Achieving Optimal & Equitable Population Health Outcomes at the Community-Level

    Optimizing community-level outcomes (#5 above) requires moving beyond the exam room to bridge between “inside-the-practice” quality improvement and care management to “outside-the-practice” interventions to promote health at the person-family-community level where free-range humans actually live.  Our unique niche is our ability to integrate primary care and public health, as well as primary care and behavioral health, in order to achieve optimal and equitable health outcomes for all.