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  • Our research agenda focuses on health equity through a primary care lens, with an emphasis on integration of primary care and public health, as well as primary care and behavioral health.  The article “Triangulating on Success, published in the American Journal of Public Health, was a landmark study of U.S. successes in improving America’s health over the past 50 years, and highlighting the importance of synergies between research innovation, primary care, and public health.

    Over the years, we have cultivated this capacity for analyzing Medicaid data, and have in fact taught health services researchers from all over the country how to use Medicaid data for research.  Two years ago we purchased a 100% sample of all Medicaid claims for four years from 14 southern states, in which racial health disparities are most prominent.  We also obtained an AHRQ R24 Research Infrastructure grant to build enhanced storage server capacity, and to hire data analysts.  We have been seeking to recruit a mid-career PhD research director as well, but find this to be a difficult position in a field with few researchers of color and without the ability to offer a recruiting package with sustainable funding.  We are well-positioned to be the leading institution in the nation for analyzing disparities in the Medicaid population. From this position of strength, we partnered with APS Healthcare several years ago to win a state contract for Medicaid disease management on behalf of all the blind & disabled Medicaid clients in northern Georgia.