• Core Capacities & Activities

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  • Education/Training - To become the nation's provider of choice for workshops & training programs targeting clinicians who serve the underserved and the primary care faculty who train them.

    • Faculty Development - program that trains minority clinicians and health professionals to become faculty
    • Primary Care Conferences and on-line training -repository of forums and educational material used for training
    • Primary Care Curricula and Resources Development (AAFP Practice Management teaching tools, Immunization Disparities toolkit, etc.)
    • Workshops - Clinical (ECG), Cultural, Administrative (Medical Directors' Boot Camp) & Research (NHANES, NHIS, or Medicaid data, etc)
    • Substance Abuse / Mental Health in Primary Care (SATTC, Carter Center partnership, etc)
    • Cultural Competency -CRASH-course

    Research -  To achieve national recognition and competitive research funding for cutting-edge research that measurably reduces health disparities, by closing the loop between practice-based research in underserved settings and community-level health outcomes; and to become the nation's leading producer of African-American and Latino health services / health policy researchers.

    • Health Services, Access, Delivery & Outcomes Research (large data set analysis)
    • Disease Management / Population Health Outcomes Improvement (includes Medicaid)
    • Practice-Based Research Networks ("Muddy-Boots Research" or T2-block translational research) - includes quality improvement and CHC networks
    • Educational Research on Primary Care & Diversity in Medicine

    Resource Center for Clinicians Serving the Underserved - To create a virtual community of clinicians serving the underserved through web-based technologies, social networking, and the distribution of best-practice examples, tools, templates, and shared resources.

    • "Best-Practices" examples / stories from around the nation
    • Tools & templates & samples & resources
    • Links to other support centers and training opportunities
    • Consultation Teams (Katrina Project, CHC Clinical Management, PBRNs, etc)
    • Virtual Community - social networking to share resources, provide mutual support, and decrease professional isolation in underserved settings

    Health Policy / Advocacy - To serve as a leading voice for the positive impact of primary care on our nation's health, for the programs that train primary care professionals, and for strengthening the primary care safety net for every community in America.

    • Creating tools for advocacy for Primary Care as a discipline
    • Creating tools for advocacy for Primary Care safety net for underserved
    • Linkages to Satcher Health Leadership Institute
    • Linkages to Community Voices - National Program Office