• Peter Baltrus, Ph. D.

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  • Peter Baltrus, Ph. D.
      Research Assistant Professor

    Contact Information

    Phone: (404) 752-1180


    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    BS in Human Development, 1994

    State University of New York, Albany, NY
    Epidemiology, 1996-1998

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    PhD in Epidemiology, 2003

    Morehouse School of Medicine, Social Epidemiology Research Division
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Social Epidemiology, 2003 - 2005

    Personal Statement

    I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine. I received my BS in Human Development from Cornell University. I trained in Social Epidemiology at the University of Michigan, where I received my doctorate. I have taught introductory biostatistics in the Morehouse School of Medicine Masters of Public Health (MPH) program and currently teach a course in Statistical Computer Methods in the program. My research and collaborations fit under the broad umbrella of Health Disparities, whether the disparities are socioeconomic or racial/ethnic. I believe in taking an Integral approach which takes into account the interplay of biological, psychological, social, cultural, political and economic forces in influencing the health of individuals and populations. As a result of taking such an approach my publications and presentations have covered outcomes as varied as: long-term weight gain, health trajectories, HIV mortality rates, breast cancer mortality rates, primary care access, emergency visit rates, depression, and C-reactive protein levels. As exposures I have examined factors as varied as: race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, neighborhood level socioeconomic and racial composition, and presence of federally qualified health centers in counties. As a result of examining factors and outcomes at multiple levels, I have developed expertise in the use of advanced statistical methods and the computer applications necessary for the analysis of the requisite data.

    Other Experience and Professional Memberships

    2000, Member, American Public Health Association
    2002, Member, Society for Epidemiologic Research
    2005, American College of Epidemiology

    Honors and Awards

    2005-2010, NCMHD Health Disparities Scholar
    2003-2005, NIH/NHLBI T32 PostDoctoral Fellowship (Grant No. 1T32HL67702)

    Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

    1. Baltrus PT, Lynch JW, Everson-Rose SA, Ragunathan TE, Kaplan GA.  “Race/ethnicity, Life-course Socioeconomic Position, and Body Weight Trajectories Over 34 Years: The Alameda county Study.  American Journal of Journal of Public Health.  95(9):1595-601. 2005.
    2. Kaplan GA, Baltrus PT, Ragunathan TE,.  “The Shape of Health to Come: Prospective Study of the Determinants of 30-year Health Trajectories in the Alameda County Study” International Journal of Epidemiology. 36(3):542-8. 2007.
    3. Baltrus PT, Everson-Rose SA Lynch JW, Ragunathan TE, Kaplan GA. “Socioeconomic Position in Childhood and Adulthood and Weight Gain Over 34 Years: The Alameda County Study” Annals of Epidemiology. 17(8):608-14.  2007.
    4. Levine RS, Briggs NC, Kilbourne BS, King WD, Fry-Johnson Y, Husaini BA, Baltrus PT, Rust G. “Black White Mortality From HIV in the United States Before and After Introduction of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in 1996.”. American Journal of Public Health. 97(10):1884-92. 2007.
    5. Levine RS, Kilbourne BJ, Baltrus PT, Williams-Brown S, Caplan L, Briggs NC, Roberts K, Husaini BA, Rust G. “Black-white Disparities in Elderly Breast Cancer Mortality Before and After Implementation of Medicare Benefits for Screening Mammography.” Journal of Healthcare in the Poor and Underserved. 19(1):103-34. 2008.
    6. Rust G, Ye J, Baltrus PT, Daniels E. Adesunloye B, Fryer GE. “Practical Barriers to Timely Primary Care Access: Impact on Adult Use of Emergency Department Services. Archives of Internal Medicine.” Aug 11;168(15):1705-10. 2008.
    7. Rust G, Baltrus PT, Ye J, Daniels E,Strothers H, Boumbulian P. “Presence of a community health center and uninsured emergency department visit rates in rural counties.”  Winter; 25(1):8-16 2009
    8. Ye J, Rust G, Baltrus P, Daniels E. Cardiovascular risk factors among Asian Americans: Results from a national health survey.  Annals of Epidemiology Oct; 19(10):718-23. 2009
    9. Levine RS, Rust G, Pisu M, Agboto V, Baltrus P, Briggs NC, Zoorob R, Juarez P, Hull P, Goldzweig I, Hennekens CH. Increased Black:White disparities in mortality following lifesaving innovations: A possible consequence of US federal laws. American Journal of Public Health. November; 100(11):2176-84. 2010.
    10. Pisu M, Levine RS, Wang D, Martin M, Baltrus PT.  Presence of medical schools may contribute to reducing breast cancer mortality and disparities.  Journal of Healthcare in the Poor and Underserved. Aug; 21(3):961-76. 2010.
    11. Baltrus PT, Shim R, Ye J, Watson L, Davis SK.  Socioeconomic Position, Stress, and Cortisol in Relation to Waist Circumference in African American and White Women. Ethnicity and Disease. Autumn; 20: 376-382. 2010
    12. Shim RS, Baltrus P, Ye J, Rust G. Prevalence, treatment, and control of depressive symptoms in the United States: results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2005-2008. J Am Board Fam Med. 2011 Jan-Feb;24(1):33-8. PubMed PMID: 21209342. PMC3161724. NIHMSID: NIHMS288069
    13. Shim R, Baltrus PT, Bradford DL, Holden KB, Fresh E, Fuller LE. Characterizing Depression and Co-Morbid Medical Conditions in African American Women in a Primary Care Setting. Journal of the National Medical Association. In Press. 2011.