• Stephanie Lynn Garrett, MD CHPE FACP

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  • Stephanie Lynn Garrett, MD CHPE FACP
      Associate Professor, Clinical Family Medicine

    Contact Information



    Kenyon College, Gambier, OH
    BA in Biology, 1994

    Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, OH
    MD in Medicine, 1998

    Center for Disease Control & Prevention
    Clinical Research & Career Development, 2002

    University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
    Health Professions Education and Introduction to Biostatistics, Research Methods & Clinical Epidemiology, 2008

    Personal Statement

    I have been invited to serve on the Deep South RCMAR Scholar Advisory Group. I am qualified to serve in this capacity for the RCMAR in that I am both a graduate of the Health Disparity Research Training Program and a recipient of the Deep South RCMAR Health Disparities Research Pilot Grant Award for 2010-2011. I have benefitted from the mentoring from senior investigators in the RCMAR and the opportunities to present my research findings during supported meetings and symposia and have also benefitted from the mentoring from external experts invited to the meetings. I have also developed other collegial relationships with other Deep South RCMAR scholars and as I am currently serving in a leadership role in the Atlanta Regional Geriatric Educational Center (ARGEC) collaborative program as a team lead for geriatrics education I possess the skills and have the experience to advise the RCMAR in the above stated capacity.


    1990 – 1994: Kenyon College Honor Science Scholar – 50% tuition scholarship Award
    1992: COSEN (Carolinas, Ohio Science Education Network), Summer Research Award (conducted at Duke University)
    1994: Ohio Board of Regents Scholarship Award
    1994: African American Alumni Scholarship- medical school Full tuition scholarship Award
    1998: Ohio Department of Aging Award
    1998: Kettering Geriatrics Medicine Award, $25,000 geriatrics service Award
    2005- 2006: Geriatric Academic Career Award (GACA 1 K01 HP00159-01)
    (75% effort) Health Resources and Services Administration, (5-year award terminated due to budgetary constraints), $59,658/year
    2007- 2011: Elected: Fellow, American College of Physicians
    2007: Outstanding Performance and Exemplary Achievement Recognition Award, recognition by The Black Faculty/Staff Association (BFSA) of the University of Louisville, Louisville KY
    2010- 2011: Scholar, Health Disparities Research Training Award Program interdisciplinary professional development program sponsored by Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), Tuskegee University (TU), University of Alabama (UA), University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), the Center for Aging (CFA), the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC), Deep South Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) at UAB.
    2010- 2011: Research Scholar, National Center for Primary Care, Morehouse School of Medicine
    2011: National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging 25th Anniversary
    Summer Institute on Aging Research

    Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

    1. Garrett, SL, Cox-Hayley, D, Hougham, GW, Sachs, G. To What Extent Do Geriatricians Document the Most Bothersome Symptoms of Patients with Advanced Dementia? J. Am Geriatr Soc. 2006;54:1563-1566. PMID: 17038075
    2. Ivonye C, Hanson S, Emsalem A, Onasile E, Parekh V, Phillips C, Garrett, SL. Hyperalgesia During Opiate Escalation in a Patient with Sickle Cell Anemia Managed by De-escalation of Opiates. The American Journal of Case Reports. 2009;10:126-128. e-ISSN 1941-5923
    3. Ye, J., Shim, R., Garrett S, Daniels, E. (In Press). Health-related quality of life in elderly black and white patients with cancer: Results from Medicare Managed Care population. Ethnicity & Disease.


    • Garrett, SL, Shega, “JW ICNSV: The Challenge of Rapid Diagnosis.” J. Am Geriatr Soc. May 2002; 50(4): S60.
    • Garrett, SL, Cox, Hayley D.: To what extent do physicians document the most bothersome symptoms of patients with moderate to severe dementia? J. Am Geriatr Soc. May 2003;51 (4): S170.


    • Garrett, SL, O'Brien JG, Miles TP. Quality of Care for Vulnerable Older Patients. Ann of Intern Med. 2006;144(3):219.
    • Garrett, SL. Should Physicians Aggressively Treat PreHypertension? Am J Med. May 2009;122(5):e19.

    Book Chapters

    • Garrett, SL, Miles, TP. (2006) Health Disparities in Minority Elders, a More Thorough Analysis. In K Schaie & L Carstensen (Eds.) Social Structures, Aging, and Self-Regulation in the Elderly (pp. 209-214). New York: Springer Publishing Company.