• Cancer Research Program 

  • Mission & Goals 

    The CRP includes basic scientists, population scientists, behavioral and social scientists and clinicians united in conducting research aimed at reducing or eliminating cancer health disparities.

  • T0-T3 Research

    The CRP is home to esteemed researchers focused on basic, translational, clinical, community-participatory and epidemiological cancer research. 

  • Outreach

    Our researchers partner with local, regional, and national cancer institutes and centers to disseminate and implement novel approaches to better educate and promote cancer screenings in the communities we serve. 

  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Follow the link for more on the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network and other projects.

  • Partners & Sponsors
  • The CRP has partnerships with more than a dozen elite institutions across the Southeast.

  • Cancer Committee 
  • Follow the link for in-depth bios and photos of our committee dedicated to cancer research.

  • Section Chiefs
  • To learn more about specific Cancer Research programs, contact our Section Chiefs.