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  • Many of us know friends or loved ones that we have lost to cancer or complications related to this devastative disease.  Georgia has some of the highest rates of cancer in the United States.  Even more unfortunate, African Americans are disproportionately burden by certain cancers. To help reduce these cancer health disparities, the Cancer Research Program (CRP) at MSM is focused on discovering new ways to test and treat cancers and eliminate cancer health disparities.

    The MSM CRP is supported in part by the NCI-funded U54 MSM / Tuskegee University / University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center partnership.  Our mission is to reduce cancer health disparities by conducting basic, translational, clinical, and community-based research and better educating graduate students, trainees, professionals and the public. The MSM CRP vision Is to be nationally recognized as a key resource for cancer health disparities research. We plan to accomplish this goal by leveraging local and national alliances with other cancer centers.

    Over the last eight years, the MSM CRP has received $8,843,450 in extramural funding. As a result of this support and our focused objective, researchers at MSM have developed novel therapies, diagnostic tests, and community-based models to help eliminate health inequities in cancer. Our programs are uniquely suited to address biomedical, clinical, and social determinants effecting populations disproportionately affected by colon, breast, prostate, lung, and gynecological cancers.

    James W. Lillard, Jr., Ph.D., MBA
    Associate Dean for Research Affairs
    Director, MSM Cancer Research Program
    Professor of Microbiology, Biochemistry, & Immunology


    The Mission of the Morehouse School of Medicine Cancer Research Program is to conduct basic, translational, clinical, community-based (implementation/dissemination), and epidemiological cancer research and to understand and reduce health disparities by increasing the number of well-funded, -cited, -educated and -trained cancer researchers. 


    Our Vision is to establish a NCI-designated Cancer Center at MSM by 2020 (and have MSM nationally recognized as the "go-to" center for cancer health disparities) by leveraging local and national alliances with cancer centers. 


    Our goals are to:

    1. Tap the pool of talented students and faculty currently at MSM through effective Research Training and Career Development and linking them to established investigators and Infrastructure at the UABCCC
    2. Promote a Cancer Research Program, which provides funding opportunities and administrative support for cancer research program scientists 
    3. Promote better cancer screening and healthy lifestyles among our underserved populations and increase minority participation in therapeutic clinical trails.