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  • About NSBRI
    Morehouse School of Medicine is one of 12 educational institutions that make up the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI). In addition to MSM, the NSBRI consortium includes Baylor College of Medicine, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, The Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Rice University, Texas A&M University,The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the University of Pennsylvania Health System and the University of Washington. The NSBRI is headed by Baylor College of Medicine.

    NSBRI's mission is to:

    • conduct space biomedical research to understand and remove the impediments to safe and effective human exploration and development of space
    • communicate the significance and excitement of space life sciences research to local and national audiences
    • engage teachers, students and their families in promoting excellence and innovation in America's science education system.

    NSBRI's 12 Areas of Research:

    1. Bone Demineralization and Calcium Metabolism
    2. Cardiovascular Alterations
    3. Human Performance Factors, Sleep and Chronobiology
    4. Immunology, Infection and Hematology
    5. Muscle Alterations and Atrophy
    6. Neurovestibular Adaptation
    7. Radiation Effects: DNA Damage and Repair
    8. Technology Development
    9. Neurobehavioral and Psychosocial Factors
    10. Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Rehabilitation
    11. Smart Medical Systems
    12. Integrated Human Function