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  • Access to health care is easy, as appointments are usually available within 24 hours (same day whenever possible). To make an appointment, please call our Patient Services Representative at 404.756.1241. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM  You are eligible for many valuable health services. SEHS-IC accepts most major health insurance plans, both in and out of state, and specifically health insurance through MSM employee benefits. If students or employees do not have MSM supported hearth insurance, they should check with their insurance carrier to see if MSM SEHS-IC services are covered  by their health insurance plan. Fees are charged for office visits, follow-up visits, preventive care visits, and procedures.  MSM students are required to have health insurance, either through coverage through family members or the MSM Student Health Plan. Visit Health Insurances for more information and answers to your billing questions. Identification (drivers’ license, insurance card and student ID, employee ID) is required for each visit. The SEHS-IC will not get directly involved with adjudication of insurance payment disputes between patients and the insurance carrier but will provide the necessary documentation. 

    In urgent situations, after hours, please contact your closest urgent care center or emergency room. If emergency transportation is required call 911.  

    You may contact the SEHS-IC triage Nurse Practitioner at (404) 734-5546 for after hour matters.