Concur Request, Travel and Expense Management System

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Concur Request, Travel and Expense
– Concur is the leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, and is a trusted partner by many universities across the United States. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers travel and expense management driven by Morehouse School of Medicine policies.

There are four basic roles in Concur: Traveler, Approver, Delegate (Arranger/Assistant) and Administrator

  • Traveler: The traveler may choose to create his own trip (Request and/or Booking), or may choose to have a delegate book trips and prepare expense reports on their behalf. However, every traveler must submit his/her own request/reimbursement.
  • Approver: The approver role is for supervisors and fiscal approvers that will be responsible to approving the booking, OR approving the expense. This role may be delegated by the employee to another approver within his/her department.
  • Delegate (Arranger/Assistant): The delegate may create trips and/or expense reports on behalf of a traveler; or may be delegated the authority to approve trip requests and/or expense reports based on the authority the person assigning the delegation has given.
  • Administrator: The administrator will be responsible for assigning credit cards in the system, issuing cash advances, maintaining the Company Info pane in Concur, maintaining audit rules, modify users, maintain lists, manage expense types, etc.

MSM employees and students can access the Concur system at and contact MSM's Concur help desk with any questions.

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