Research Core

The Study Design, Biostatistics, and Data Management (SDBDM) Core of the Research Center for Clinical and Translational Research (R-CENTER)  continues to expand its role as an institutional resource in support of clinical, translational, and community-based research as well as support for research which specific informs policy discussion and decision.

Implementation and Dissemination Core

The TCC Research Core has the lead responsibility for the Implementation and Dissemination Plan in collaboration with the Evaluation and Administrative Cores. The objective of the Implementation and Dissemination Plan is to identify and organize the sub-projects activities to promote the utilization of the each project’s research findings and the widest dissemination of knowledge translation.


Evaluation Core

In July 2012, The Morehouse School of Medicine Evaluation and Institutional Assessment (EIA) Unit was established to increase the institution’s organizational capacity to evaluate the degree to which it has achieved its mission and strategic objectives associated with research, service, and education initiatives.