Xuebiao Yao, Ph.D. 



Location: Medical Education Building 349
Phone: 404-752-1894
E-mail: xyao@msm.edu


University of California-San Diego 
Cancer Cell Biology

University of California-Berkeley
Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Cell Biology

Jiangxi Medical College
Bachelor of Science in Medicine/Pharmacology

Research Interests

Cellular mechanisms involved in establishment and maintenance of cell polarity using gastric epithelial cells as a model system.

How Helicobacter pylori cytotoxins such as VacA perturb genomic stability of gastric parietal cells using a novel 3D culture system.

Mitotic chromosome segregation and genomic stability: 

Protein-protein interactions at the kinetochore is orchestrated during cell division and what happens when specific protein-protein interaction is perturbed in real-time live cells using optical reporters.


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