...On one hand, accountability is important because it helps to keep our institutions in compliance... but when we just focus on accountability we really lose an opportunity to drive and focus on excellence - and basic expectations do not sustain great institutions.
Franz Reneau, CEEQA Founding Member

The HBCU collaborative is composed of assessment leaders dedicated to advancing student learning, institutional quality, and student success – not as separate efforts to be addressed for compliance purposes – but based in a deep appreciation and understanding of their learners coupled with a desire and drive to continuously improve while bringing their voices, leadership, and experiences to the assessment conversation writ large.
Natasha Jankowski, Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Each stakeholder addressed how they have shifted these landmark campuses from places where isolated, deconstructed assessment events happened in silos sometimes occurring in response to external or imposed mandates - to settings that can now be recognized as having developed, systemic cultures of assessment.
Ereka Williams, CEEQA Founding Member