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Health Sciences Teaching Certificate

*Applications for Fall Semester 2023 are now open

Morehouse School of Medicine is offering a certificate of completion in teaching to address the educator shortages in many professional health programs. The Health Sciences Teaching Certificate is an innovative, eLearning program geared toward students with an interest in both health equity and the science fields with an emphasis on gaining knowledge and skills for becoming an educator or trainer in their field. Program graduates are not only content experts, but also quality educators for the next generation of health industry professionals. It is our intention to develop better-trained educators to improve patient care and elevate the overall quality of healthcare in the U.S. in pursuit of health equity.

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Teaching Certificate Overview 

The teaching certificate is comprised of three fully online courses designed to be completed in four months. Each will be taught by experienced educators using innovative online educational technology to fully engage each learner.  The three courses are: 

  1. Introduction to College Teaching and Course Design
  2. Transforming Your Teaching for Effective Adult Learner Engagement
  3. Creating Applied Assessments & Delivering Constructive Feedback

Learners will: 

  • Examine research-based effective teaching techniques and tools to strengthen their skills as an educator. 
  • Courses will specifically address ways to enhance instructor presence, integrate differentiated instruction based on learning styles, and promote the four types of student engagement including student to material, student to instructor, student to student, and student to self (self-reflective learning).
  • Review best practices in instructional design, development, and assessment of student learning outcomes.  
  • Receive practical guidance for teaching and assessing students in applied settings using a process that is both rigorous and manageable.
  • Engage with theory, research and practices related to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in higher education.  
  • All courses allow learners to investigate the concept of equity to create learning environments for all students that are free of bias, specifically designed to meet the needs of underserved populations, and provide the highest quality experience possible.
  • Learners will be invited to attend one synchronous (real time) sessions via Zoom for each course. Video replays will be made available.

The learner will experience various elements within each course, which may include one or more of the following: 

  • Instructor video mini-lectures with interactive asynchronous discussion using Canvas Studio technology 
  • Knowledge builders to boost understanding of a specific topic
  • Applied projects, including developing a new course or working to revise an existing course
  • Videos from education experts
  • Weekly faculty office hours held synchronously using video conferencing

 Other features include: 

  • A user-centric design following the core tenets of adult learning principles 
  • eLearning to provide schedule flexibility 
  • Interactive technology to engage participants and enhance retention 

At the end of each course, participants will receive a grade percentage and will be asked to complete a course evaluation.  To obtain the Health Sciences Teaching Certificate of Completion, students must maintain a combined grade percentage of 80% or higher in the certificate courses and complete an exit survey. 



*Grants and loans are not available payment options for non-degree granting programs.

*MSM Faculty, Staff, and Students please contact Dr. Cheryl Houston for options regarding financial assistance.

Start Date(s)

  • Fall 2023: Aug 21
  • Spring 2024: January 2

* Learners must successfully complete all three courses to receive the Health Sciences Teaching Certificate

 Admissions and Tuition Information 

Minimum Academic Requirements 

  1. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. 
  2. One (1) letter of recommendation form 
  3. Completed online application. 

To apply, students must complete an online application that includes uploading: 

  1. Resume or curriculum vitae. 
  2. One (1) signed letter of recommendation, must be on letterhead. 
  3. Unofficial transcripts: Provide school where degree was awarded and  upload unofficial transcripts
  4. An application fee of $50.