HEAL Clinic at Morehouse School of Medicine
Free health and wellness program, caring for patients from Pediatric to Geriatric

The MSM student-run clinic at Good Samaritan Health Center was established in 2011 by Shontreal Cooper, Kenny Esho, and Rebecca Condon Staub, members of MSM class of 2014, following suit with the school’s mission of serving people of color and the underserved urban populations in Georgia. The MSM medical students and physicians continue to make significant contributions in the community through their volunteer efforts at both the Good Samaritan Health Center location and recently, one of the Morehouse Healthcare clinics located on Howell Mill Road. These clinics train students in delivering free primary care services. More importantly, they improve access to care in underserved communities. Both clinics offer patients several services including medical, dental, laboratory, subsidized medications, and specialty referral.


8 a.m. –11:30 a.m.
MSM H.E.A.L. Clinic
 1800 Howell Mill Road
2nd Floor, Suite 275
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 756-5019

Student Volunteer Duties

Students must arrive at 7:50 a.m. to clinic site dressed in business casual attire with white coat.

  • First Year MD Students: triage, rooming, and vital signs
  • Second Year MD Students: chief complaint and patient history
  • Third/Fourth Year MD Students: Physical exam, patient assessment, and documenting notes

Entire team will gather information and present to attending physician. Please be advised, all students must remain in clinic throughout the duration of clinic hours.

Become a Volunteer

If you're interested in becoming a student volunteer for the H.E.A.L. Clinic, contact us at msmhealclinic@msm.edu.

Our Team

Faculty Advisors:

  • Dr. Derrick Beech
  • Dr. Folashade Omole
  • Dr. Richard Snyder

2017 Student Directors:

  • Randi Allen
  • Shantrice Appleby
  • David Daniels
  • Brandon Fong
  • Kelli Gills
  • Samantha Hawthorne
  • Helen Okpore

Senior Directors:

  • Randi Allen
  • David Daniels

Support Staff:

  • Ms. Ronna Charles
  • Ms. Carmen Coggins
  • Mrs. Symenthia Dearing
  • Ms. Danielle Duvernay
  • Ms. Latrisha Horne
  • Mr. Louis Simmons

Major Supporting Physicians:

  • Dr. Folashade Omole
  • Dr. Andrea Andrews
  • Dr. Janet Bivens
  • Dr. LoAnn Heuring
  • Dr. David Anderson


Past Medical Directors


  • Chidimma Acholonu
  • Anya Bazzell
  • Francesca Damus
  • Macy McNair
  • Dymon Morgan
  • Josh Pittman
  • Daryl Singleton


  • Dr. Shontreal Cooper
  • Dr. Kenny Esho
  • Dr. Jonny Martinez
  • Dr. Rebecca Staub


  • Chivon Brown-Stubbs
  • Thomas Callier
  • Jamila Kendall
  • Evesha Kenlyn


  • Ariel Grady
  • Frank Virgil Gonzalez
  • Melina Zuniga
  • Amin Mohammed


  • Dr. Ed Missinne
  • Dr. Camilla Mills
  • Dr. Lana Nguyen
  • Dr. Gisela Bryan