The non-immigrant classifications listed below allow employment outside the sponsoring institution, within certain parameters. Morehouse School of Medicine does not need to initiate paperwork for these classifications, but rather will only need to verify employment eligibility.



Persons in J-2 status are dependents of J-1 exchange visitors and, as such, are eligible to apply for employment authorization. After filing an I-765 application for employment authorization and upon receipt of an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) a J-2 non-immigrant is eligible to be employed without any limitation for the duration of the document's validity.


F-1 Optional Practical Training/Curricular Practical Training

Students in F-1 status are eligible for two different types of practical training, Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT). A Designated School Official from the degree-granting institution (the student's institution of record) either recommends the F-1 student for OPT or authorizes them for CPT. Students on OPT must have a valid EAD to show employment authorization; they are limited to holding a position directly related to their field of study. Students on CPT must have their form I-20 annotated with appropriate employment details and signed by their Designated School Official for employment authorization; work under CPT must be a part of their curriculum at their institution of record.


J-1 Academic Training

Persons in J-1 status in the "Student" category are eligible for "academic training," which allows them to work for any employer for up to 18 months (in most cases) in the field of their study. They must be authorized for such employment by a Responsible Officer from their Exchange Visitor Program through a letter.


Adjusting to Permanent Residence

Persons adjusting to permanent residence who have an approved I-140 immigrant petition filed by their original employer and who have an I-485 petition to adjust to permanent residence that has been pending for at least 180 days are allowed to "port" to a new employer, as long as the new position remains in the same field for which their immigrant petition was filed and they have a current Employment Authorization Document. Persons adjusting to permanent residence on the grounds of political asylum, family-based petition, or derivative status of an employer-based petition, are eligible for employment without restriction if they hold a valid EAD.