All personnel handling research animals are required to attend CLAR Orientation and complete the CITI online training modules. 


-New personnel and all personnel listed in new and three-year renewal applications for animal use are required to attend CLAR Orientation. 


-CLAR Orientation is normally held the third Thursday of each month in Room 205 of the Hugh M. Gloster Building. 


-New personnel will not have access to the CLAR Animal Facility until they have attended CLAR Orientation and completed the on-line CITI Training modules.  Click HERE for information on the CITI training.  Additionally, your principal investigator (PI) will need to submit a Modification of an Approved Protocol Form, adding new hires to the Personnel section. 


-Upon completion of CLAR Orientation and the CITI training modules, all personnel are required to complete and submit the documents found here.  Most documents require the signature of your Principal Investigator. 


-All individuals to work on a project, including those previously approved by the IACUC, must review the Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) and comply with its provisions. 


-All personnel are encouraged to participate in the OHSP. 


-All persons intending to work with a protocol must fill out the Health History Questionnaire or decline to do so by completing the declination statement in the OHS HHQ.