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Health Equity Cancer Care Center

The Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) Health Equity Cancer Care Center is made up of special people — students, scientists, clinicians, volunteers, and donors — dedicated to giving their energy, talents and unique skills to provide the best care for our patients and to discover new ways to combat this deadly disease. Our mission is to conduct laboratory, clinical, community-based participatory, and epidemiological cancer research and to better understand and reduce cancer health disparities. Our team does this by increasing the number of highly competent cancer researchers and clinicians, promoting cancer screening and healthy lifestyles, and increasing minority participation in clinical oncology trials.

#1 medical school in fulfilling a social mission
-Annals of Internal Medicine
Nearly $150 million in grant funding for research
More than 50 engaged affiliated members 

Key Facts & Figures

  • MSM was recognized by the Annals of Internal Medicine as the nation’s No. 1 medical school in fulfilling a social mission.
  • MSM is the recipient of nearly $150 million in grant funding for research.
  • MSM Health Equity Cancer Care Center oncologists serve our patients through the Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence (GCCE) at Grady Health System, which was designated as a Center of Excellence by the National Center for Health Disparities Research by the National Institutes of Health. GCCE focuses on research and clinical care that reduces health disparities in outcomes.
  • The MSM Health Equity Cancer Care Center is supported in part by the Center for Cancer Health Disparities at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) U54 MSM / Tuskegee University / University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center Partnership award.
  • The MSM Health Equity Cancer Care Center has more than 50 affiliated members engaged in Cancer Immuno-biology, Drug Discovery, Clinical, Implementation Science, and Cancer Health Disparities Research.
  • MSM has developed a Cancer Research Scholars Program focused on cancer health disparities education, training and career development for K-12 students, MPH, MS in Biomedical Research (MSBR), MS in Medical Sciences (MSMS), MS in Clinical Research (MSCR), MD, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Post Doctoral Fellows, Residents, and Junior Faculty trainees who conduct high caliber research under the mentorship of MSM faculty.
  • The NCI U54 Partnership Award supports MSM Health Equity Cancer Care Center cores in education, training, outreach, and laboratory, clinical, and community participatory research.

MSM Cancer Research News

Advancing Health Equity: Your Genes & Cancer

Advancing Health Equity: Your Genes & Cancer

 Hosted by Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice    11/04/16   

A new study has found the disparity between breast cancer death rates for black and white women in Atlanta is greater than in any other major U.S. city. Come learn more about advances in cancer research for the Atlanta community. Featured Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mary-Claire King, Geneticist and Professor of Genome Sciences at University of Washington who discovered BRCA1. Read more >

the color test

Free genetic test helps women, families get answers

By Beth Galvin    8/15/16   

Morehouse School of Medicine cancer surgeon Dr. Derrick Beech thinks The Color Test, a new genetic screening tool for hereditary cancers, could be game-changer. Appointments to take the Color Test are available. Read more >

Dr. Beech

Coping with Cancer: 7 Tips for Newly Diagnosed Patients

By Derrick J. Beech, MD, FACS     9/23/15   

Through two decades of caring for thousands of patients diagnosed with cancer, my experience as a surgical oncologist only confirms that no two cases are identical. Read more >


Cancer Gene Research - BRCA1 in African American Women

By CRCHD staff    10/23/14   

For 20 years, Rao has investigated the inner workings of the BRCA1 gene linked to breast and ovarian cancer. Read more >


MSM Becomes Member of Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN)

By Ronna Charles Nu'Man     7/9/15

ORIEN partnership founded by The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and Moffitt Cancer Center adds three new members, widens patient access to precision clinical trials. Read more >