MSM Career & Professional Development
MSM Career & Professional Development

Career and Professional Development at MSM

Career and Professional Development at Morehouse School of Medicine is central to our strategy to be an employer of choice and supportive of all members of the MSM community. Our goal is to ensure that every member of the MSM community has an opportunity to grow professionally toward their career aspirations.

Below are the various opportunities that MSM offers its employees. Please read each description and determine which one speaks to you and your interest. If you have any suggestions of other opportunities that we can include, please click here and let us know. 

Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program

Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program

  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Institutional Strategy
  •  MSM Leadership

The purpose of the MSM Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program is to expose Morehouse School of Medicine’s department, center, institute and office leaders to the various responsibilities of the MSM Executive Leadership Team, including the president and dean. The intent of such exposure is to broaden the leaders’ awareness of the “big picture” of institutional leadership, in general, and MSM, in particular, so they better understand their unique and critical roles in MSM’s future success. The program is also designed to help identify and groom leaders for executive leadership positions within a “central” administration.


Learning Management System

  • Continuing Education
  • Online Learning
  • Personal Development
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Online

MSM's Learning Management System (LMS) reinvents learning and development to realize the potential of our employees by creating a culture of continuous learning. With Cornerstone’s (our vendor) Learning suite, we deliver training and compliance to developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled workforce. Our learning programs that are accessible anytime, anywhere and build a learning culture that encourages employees to continuously invest in their own development. It includes: online training, instructor-led training management, read and sign acknowledgements, a knowledge bank, reporting tools, and dashboards.

Office of Professional Education

Office of Extended Professional Education

  • Continuing Medical Education
  • CME Accreditation
  • Community Health
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Online

The Office of Extended Professional Education (OEPE) was established for the purpose of collaborating with faculty, clinical departments, community physicians and educators to identify educational needs and then implement activities to address these needs. Continuing Education in the form of CME (Continuing Medical Education) is offered to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and D.O. through a variety of activities live and online. The OEPE provides CME Accreditation for activities developed within MSM Departments as well as external organizations. 

  •  Faculty & Staff

The Office of Human Resources has a three to six-month career development program complete with resources and a step-by-step guide that walks managers and employees through developing their career. While this program does not guarantee a promotion or job change, it does provide employees with a strong sense of their strengths, areas for development and positions that may potentially be a good job fit.

Faculty Mentorship

Mentoring Academy

  • Interdisciplinary Research Training
  • Faculty Development
  • Faculty
  • Mentorship

Our institutional leadership has recognized that MSM must increasingly incorporate a more systematic approach to developing its research faculty towards a standard of excellence that is nationally competitive. One of the objectives of the Mentor Core Pilot Program is to provide a platform for engaging in interdisciplinary research training, faculty development and mentorship that is inclusive of a broad cross section of our research community engaged in basic, pre-clinical, clinical and social science.

Faculty Mentorship and Support

Faculty Development Program

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Professional Growth
  • Teacher – Learner Relations 
  • Faculty
  • Mentorship

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development ensures each faculty member at Morehouse School of Medicine has opportunities internally and externally for faculty development. The offerings supported by the office are in the areas of teaching excellence, clinical skills, research development, leadership enhancement and technological implementation that enrich the relationship between the faculty and learners, and professional growth.