Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs for Physician Assistant students matriculating in summer 2019 (Graduating Class of 2021) are charged each semester of enrollment for summer, spring, and fall terms. There is not a difference of tuition for in-state and out-of-state residents. Additional program costs include institutional fees.

Once a student is notified of acceptance, he/she is required to pay a nonrefundable matriculation fee (deposit) of $500.

Estimated expenses for 2019-2020 MSM Physician Assistant Program are listed below. The tuition is determined each semester. The following is provided solely as an estimate to aid your financial planning and all expenses are subject to change. 




Final Semester

Tuition 40,000 30,000 10,000
Registration1 200 200 200
Health Insurance2 3,719 3,719 1,860
Disability 61 61 31
Technology2 2,201    
Library 150  150   
Student Activity 250  250  125 
Graduation     150 
Criminal Background Check   80  80 
Immunizations 250  250   
Parking 500  170  170 
Instructional fees 157  262  222 
Subtotal Fees  7,488  5,142  2,838
Optional Fees**       
Dental Plan 273  273   
Vision Plan 81  81   
Malware Fee†† 50  50   
Late Registration1 75  75   
Subtotal Optional Fees 479  479 
Less Optional Fees 7,488 5,142 2,838 
Total Fees 7,967  5,621 2,838 
Additional Program Costs      
Medical Equipment 900     
Uniforms 50     
Books 800     
Professional Memberships 75     
Subtotal Additional Fees 1,825     
Total Tuition, Fees and Additional Costs 49,792 35,621 12,838

All full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage either through the MSM or through another individual or family plan. Students are required to demonstrate proof of coverage with major medical insurance. A student may choose their own personal insurance plan as long as it is comparable in coverage to that offered by the Institution. 

Tuition and Fees are charged on a full program basis. 1A late fee applies if student fails to register on the designated registration day.

Student tuition and fees described above are good faith projections for the academic year. They are, however, subject to amendment at any time at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the School of Medicine in order to meet its financial commitments and to fulfill its role and mission. Every effort will be made to provide advance notice of such changes.

²Health Insurance and technology fees are good faith estimates for the academic year. Amounts are subject to change when the actual amounts are determined in May. Technology fees include laptop and software requirements for the MSMS degree program.

The cost of health insurance represents the standard fee for a student without dependents. The deadline for adding insurance is December 1 annually. Students adding insurance after December 1 will be responsible for paying the out-of-pocket changes.

†Criminal background check fee is charged for clinical observation experiences at Grady Hospital.
††Malware Fee is a per instance charge. 
** Parking is an opt-in charge.  Dental and vision insurance is optional.

Decelerated students failing to make progress with their original class is responsible for applicable tuition & fees based on courses taken.

Additional Recommended Items

Living expenses (housing, transportation, and personal miscellaneous expenses) are estimated at $24,000 for the academic year.

The clinical year will require travel across the state of Georgia. Students may incur additional costs for transportation, room and board depending on the specific clinical rotation site. 

Refund of Institutional Tuition

Accreditation standards require PA Programs to notify prospective applicants of the program's refund policy.  If a student leaves the PA Program for any reason-dismissal, withdrawal, drop period, transfer- tuition is refundable according to the following decreasing percentage scale:

Period after Registration Percentage of Year Tuition Refunded
First 5 Class Days 100%
Second 5 Class Days (2 wks) 80%
Third 5 Class Days (3 wks) 60%
Fourth 5 Class Days (4 wks) 40%
Fifth 5 Class Days (5 wks)* 20%

*There will be no refund after the fifth week of any semester.

Refer to the MSM Student Handbook (pg. 18) for additional information regarding student accounts and Tuition/fee payments.

Financial Aid

All potential applicants are encouraged to contact the MSM Financial Aid Office to obtain the forms necessary to apply for financial aid at:

Morehouse School of Medicine 
Student Fiscal Affairs Office
Hugh Gloster Building, Room 200
720 Westview Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30310-1495

Phone: 404-752-1655
Fax: 404-752-1053

Other funding information available on the web

The U.S. Public Health Service has several programs that offer scholarships, stipends and loan repayment to PA students who commit to varying periods of employment in medically underserved settings. Information on these programs may be obtained by calling (800) 221-9393 or visiting the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) website. One program offered by the U.S. Public Health Service is the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholars Program.