Albany Alumni Learning Community

As a part of the Alumni Learning Community (ALC) Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) Albany alumni have established a relationship with Albany State University to mentor students interested in the medical profession.  Working with undergraduate students, MSM Albany alumni have chosen to focus their attention on helping students prep for the MCAT and apply for medical school.  So far MSM alumni and staff have participated in Albany State University’s weekly Speaker Series, and plan to speak at future meetings.  Albany (ALC) mentors, thus far, have spoken on topics such as “Admissions to Morehouse School of Medicine,” “Steps to Success” and “Careers in Health Professions.” 

MSM alumni are accepting the charge of President and Dean, Valerie Montgomery Rice to extend the institution’s educational outreach.  By engaging colleagues in healthcare, hospitals, schools, and community organizations, MSM alumni are building networks of support for local students who have an interest in pursuing health careers.

The goal of the ALC is to engage MSM alumni, who will then engage their colleagues in medicine, other community leaders and organizations, as well as educators to form partnerships and sponsor health career awareness activities in their respective communities.  The four pilot cities are Albany, Atlanta, Columbus, and Macon.  The learning community model is one that has been successful at MSM for a number of years, and is one of the reasons why the school is nationally recognized for its excellence in social mission.

As we face one of the most significant provider shortages in history, it is essential that we recognize, nurture, and promote local students who have a desire to pursue a career in medicine.


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