MSM Innovation & Inclusive Leadership Academy

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The overarching goal of the MSM Innovation & Inclusive Leadership Academy (MIILA) is to establish a leadership development program customized for MSM that will enable employees at mid and senior levels (both staff and faculty) in all disciplines to obtain and/or further develop the skills needed to execute their roles at MSM with a stronger position of empowerment.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Nomination from, and/or endorsed by, a member of the MSM Leadership Council.
  2. At least 12 months of employment with MSM.
  3. Have a documented 3.0 or higher on performance evaluations.
  4. Be on the faculty at the associate professor rank or above or staff at the coordinator, manager, director or similar level.

Application Process

  • A formal announcement will be released in January 2024 soliciting nominations from members of the Leadership Council for MSM faculty and staff from their unit(s). The nominating manager will also submit a letter of support.
  • Leadership Council members must complete the online application process.
  • Each Leadership Council member can only nominate one person in their unit. 
  • A maximum of 10 applicants will be selected to participate in MIILA. 
  • The program will officially begin March 2024.

MIILA Curriculum

  • MIILA is an eight-month program using both online and in-person modalities. The in-person sessions occur every four weeks.
  • MIILA's curriculum is designed to develop and strengthen essential qualities for leadership at all levels, with an emphasis on implementation of those attributes at MSM.
  • All participants will be prepared for the next phase in MSM’s leadership development, the Innovator’s Journey led by the Morehouse School of Medicine Office of Impact and Innovation. The Innovator’s Journey is a self-guided, app-based program that walks employees through a proven innovation process, where they will learn to explore and develop concepts, create compelling businesses cases, and even how to “pilot” an idea.