MSM Leadership Academy

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The overarching goal of the MSM-LA is to establish a leadership development program customized for MSM that will enable employees at mid- and senior levels (both staff and faculty) in all disciplines to obtain and/or further develop the skills needed to execute their roles at MSM with a stronger position of empowerment.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must: 

  1. Be nominated by a member of the MSM Leadership Council.
  2. Be employed by MSM for at least 12 months.
  3. Have a documented 3.0 or higher on performance evaluations.
  4. Be on the faculty at the associate professor rank or above or staff at the coordinator, manager, director or similar level.

Application Process

  • A formal announcement will be released in October 2020 soliciting nominations from members of the Leadership Council for MSM faculty and staff from their unit(s). The nominating manager will also submit a letter of support.
  • Applicants must complete the online application process and provide names of two internal references.
  • A maximum of 10 applicants will be selected to participate in the MSM-LA.
  • The program will officially begin March 2021

MSM-LA Curriculum

  • The MSM-LA is an eight-month program using both online and in-person modalities. The in-person sessions occur every four weeks.
  • The MSM-LA curriculum is designed to develop and strengthen essential qualities for leadership at all levels, with an emphasis on implementation of those attributes at MSM. The curriculum is below.
Month Focus Activity Modality / Frequency *
Month 1 Understanding Your Leadership Style Personality Type and Assessment (MBTI and 360) OL
Introductory Session IP
Determine Your Leadership Style IP
Month 2 Manage as a Leader Time Management IP
Team Building Skills IP/OL
Team Building Simulation #1 or higher
Month 3 Communicate as a Leader Effective Communication IP
Team Building Simulation #2 IP
Institutional Action Project (IAP)—Part 1: Guidelines and Formation of Teams IP/OL
Month 4 Decision-making as a Leader Conflict Management and Decision-Making IP
Negotiation Skills IP
Institutional Action Project (IAP)—Part 2: Submission of Title and Abstract IP/OL
Mid-Progress Reflections and Assessment OL
Month 5 Influence as a Leader Networking and Collaboration Skills IP
Developing Others IP
Team Building Simulation #3 IP
Month 6 Understand Finance as a Leader Budget Development and Institutional Finance IP
Institutional Action Project (IAP)—Part 3: Progress Report OL
Month 7 Being a Leader at MSM Health Equity and the MSM Employee IP
Understanding the MSM Brand IP
MSM Marketing and Institutional Advancement in Health Equity IP
Month 8 The Entire Leader Institutional Action Project (IAP)—Part 4: Presentation and Final Report IP
Leadership Academy End of Year Reception IP

* Modality/Frequency: OL: On-line; IP: In-person, every 2 weeks

  • All participants will implement team-based Institutional Enhancement Projects to apply the skills that they have obtained from the program. The IEP will accomplish one of the following: (1) Enhance an aspect of the MSM environment; (2) Enhance the surrounding community of MSM, or (3) Resolve an institutional challenge at MSM.

  • IEP proposals are reviewed and approved by the MSM-LA review committee prior to implementation. Participants formally present their IEPs at the MSM-LA graduation ceremony in May 2020. Specific guidelines for developing the IEP will be provided to participants midway through the program.