The Office of Translational Technologies


The Office of Translational Technologies (OTT) was established in 2011 to leverage MSM’s intellectual property, research, infrastructure, and services and diversify research revenue. OTT will accomplish this mission through: (i) creating a competitive proprietary position through effective patent prosecution; (ii) licensing MSM intellectual property to third-parties and faculty start-ups; (iii) government and industrial contract procurement for life sciences, medical & social, and health information technology services; and (iv) new research program development, including research enhancement through private philanthropy or public sponsorship.

For Inventors


  1. Disclosure - Inventor complete and submits MSM-IP Disclosure form to the OTT office.
  2. Evaluation - Disclosure form is submitted to the MSM Intellectual Property Committee
  3. Patent Application - After approval by IP Committee, OTT submits information for patent protection
  4. Marketing and License Negotiation- a Marketing and Licensing strategy will be developed by OTT and inventor(s) and executed by OTT

For Industry


  1. Determine Licensee’s Objective(s) and Goal(s)
  2. Communicate MSM’s Objective(s) and Goal(s)
  3. Develop partnering plan

Our partnering philosophy is to provide i) access to innovative proprietary technologies that address unmet medical needs and ii) experienced and efficient OTT staff who will make partnering and/or licensing a success for your company.

Quality Improvement

Responsibilities and Functions:

  • To periodically assess the compliance, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).

John C. Smith, MSW, CIM, CIP
IRB Director
Hugh Gloster 122
(404) 752-1976


James W. Lillard, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Dean for Research Affairs
(404) 752-1863
Director, OTT
Director, MSM Georgia Research Alliance VentureLab
BS - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (The Ohio State University)
PhD - Microbiology and Immunology (University of Kentucky School of Medicine)
MBA - Biotechnology and Healthcare Track (Emory University – Goizueta Business School)
Contact for licensing opportunities and information regarding MSM GRA VentureLab program

Jonathan Stiles, Ph.D.
Chair, Intellectual Property Committee 
BSc - Zoology/Biochemistry (University of Ghana)
FAETC - (Salford College of Technology)
PhD - Parasitology (University of Salford)
Contact for IP committee recommendations and meeting dates

Yuehao Wu, MBA
Program Manager, OTT
BS - Management
MBA - Management of Technology (Sullivan University)
Contact for general OTT information