National Center for Primary Care

The Louis W. Sullivan National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) serves as a national resource for front-line practitioners, educators, researchers, and policy makers who impact our primary healthcare system.  

Achieving equitable and optimal healthcare through primary care for all.  

Strengthening the primary care system through education, research and training to improve health outcomes while advancing and sustaining health equity.  

Our Focus
Our multi-focused approach of education, training, evidence-based research and rigorous policy evaluation and analysis works to advance the Quadruple AIM to improve the healthcare system.

Our shared MSM vision of Leading the creation and advancement of health equity grounds our work in the eradication of health disparities and population health promotion for underserved and marginalized populations.  We believe that the Quadruple AIM can only be accomplished in a healthcare system that prioritizes health equity.  

The NCPC has four divisions that work synergistically to manifest the vision of our center:

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