The Faculty Affairs Office serves as a resource to faculty with respect to their professional careers at Morehouse School of Medicine.

The Faculty Affairs Office has three primary goals:

  1. To ensure fair and consistent treatment of faculty according to the rules of Morehouse School of Medicine;
  2. To assist departments in recruitment, orientation, faculty development, promotion and retention of faculty and scholars;
  3. Oversee the processing of all faculty personnel matters and establish, integrate and implement policies and procedures.



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FAPC Process and Policies

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Appendix I-Scientific Misconduct

Appendix XI-FAPC-Process and Policies

Appendix II-Faculty Agreements

Appendix XII-Policy for the transfer of grants/equipment

Appendix III-Due Process Procedures Governing Faculty Dismissal for Just Cause

Appendix XIII-Relocation Expenses

Appendix IV-Institutional Policy on Faculty Sabbatical Leave

Appendix XIV-Teacher/Learner Relationships

Appendix V-Unresolved Grievance

Appendix XV-Blood Borne Pathogens

Appendix VI-Statement on Faculty Industry Research Relations

Appendix XVI-Impaired Faculty

Appendix VII-Patent Policy (Patents and Royalties)

Appendix XVII-Educational Use of Copyrighted Works

Appendix VIII-Intellectual Property (Copyrights and Royalties)

Appendix XVIII-Licensure Policy

Appendix IX-Involvement of Faculty in New Policies

Appendix X-Policy for integrity and the responsible conduct of scholarship and research