Clinical Associate:
The appointee must possess a graduate degree and/or professional licensure in the State of Georgia.  The main effort for this appointment is to be an assistant to the physician faculty as a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner.

Post Doctoral Fellow:
The definition below serves to differentiate between the Research Associate and Post Doctoral Fellow.

The Post Doctoral Fellow appointment is part of the educational program and is appropriate for individuals recently awarded a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral in appropriate fields.  The postdoctoral fellow will work under the supervision of a senior scholar.  The appointment effort is full-time research or scholarship and is considered a continuation of professional training.  The appointee has the freedom and is expected to publish, within the guidelines of the institution, the results of his/her research or scholarship during the period of the appointment.  This appointment is considered temporary and is viewed as preparatory for a full-time academic and/or research career.

Research Associate:
The appointee will generally possess a doctoral degree and two years experience.On rare occasions, the appointee will not have a doctoral degree but will have an extensive amount of experience and/or specialized skill set.  When one does not meet the doctoral degree requirement, the recommendation for appointment must be specifically justified as an exception subject to the final approval of the dean.  The main effort for this appointment is research on particular grants.  Research Associates must have a demonstrated ability to carry out independent research.

Teaching Associate:
The appointee must possess a graduate degree and two years experience.  The main effort for this appointment is significant contributions to departmental teaching and service programs.

Research Scholar:
The title of Research Scholar is reserved for foreign researchers who have been invited to participate in MSM’s Exchange Visitor Program.  The exchange visitors are not considered employees but rather are part of a program designed to foster educational and cultural exchange between the United States and people around the world (see Exchange Visitor handbook or contact the Office for International Program Services for more information).

Visiting Scholar:
The title of Visiting Scholar is used for faculty members who join MSM on full time basis while on sabbatical or educational leave from another institution.  The duration for this appointment must be specifically defined but is usually one year or less.  The details of the obligations and responsibilities of the Visiting Scholar are negotiated with the department chairperson with the approval of the dean.  A Visiting Scholar may participate in teaching, research and/or patient care and must have any licensure required by the state of Georgia.

The academic title, Lecturer, will be used for academically qualified individuals whose responsibilities are limited in scope. Such individuals may provide a series of lectures or render occasional or regular lecture service, but otherwise are not affiliated with the medical school. This is a one-year renewable appointment.