Maternal Mortality Fears Hit Close to Home for MSM Employee

Every day, doctors and researchers at Morehouse School of Medicine work to find ways to lower rates of maternal mortality. It’s a problem across the state of Georgia and hits African-American women even harder. Georgia ranks dead last among all 50 states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports African-American woman are 243 percent more likely to die from issues related to pregnancy and childbirth.  

Tara Joyner, a manager in administrative services at MSM, experienced complications that threatened the lives of both her and her unborn child. She shared the story of her risky pregnancy with Fox 5 News’ Medical Team. Joyner suffered from preeclampsia during her pregnancy with her fourth child. MSM’s Professor and Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Director Franklyn Geary, MD provided insight into the medical risks of preeclampsia for this story.