MSM Doctor Returns Home to Bahamas to Help After Hurricane Dorian Destroys Caribbean Nation

All she could do was watch endless news reports of Hurricane Dorian tear through her homeland, destroying essentially everything in its path. But when the Category 5 storm finally left the Bahamas, Shaneeta Johnson, MD, knew what she had to do.

Dr. Johnson arrived in her hometown of Nassau on Sunday, Sept. 8, one week after Dorian made landfall on the island nation. The next day she headed to Freeport so she could start providing medical care to those in need. The airport there, which was also sheltering more than 1,000 evacuees, was open but had suffered serious damage from the hurricane. The local hospital was in even worse shape. Rushing rains and sea surge flooded Rand Memorial Hospital and the emergency room was not operational. A field of white tents, a temporary hospital, was set up nearby by the nonprofit Samaritan’s Purse. This is where Dr. Johnson and other medical professionals would care for the tens of thousands in need.

Read more about her trip and how she is helping those in need in an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

You can help support Dr. Johnson's mission by making a donation to the Bahamas Medical Humanitarian Aid.


Shaneeta Johnson