Martin Luther King, Jr.

Morehouse School of Medicine Community:

Valerie Montgomery Rice

The great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) said to his audience in Montgomery, Alabama in the year of 1957. He said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?” 

While Martin Luther King Jr. laid the foundation, lived out his purpose and left a legacy – we must retain the mindset of preserving his legacy in our homes, communities and in the workplace. While we are continually prompted to adjust in our spaces, take a moment and ask yourselves the question: “what are you doing for others?” Are you connected in your communities by providing your time, ideas, and energy for a stronger and happier society? Within that lens are you additionally holding yourself and others accountable for the greatest outcome for everyone?

Here at MSM we are doing exactly that, working for the greatest outcome for everyone. We are working in the shadows of Dr. King’s servant leadership. We are endlessly in the media for our efforts to reduce health disparities, increase the presence of black physicians, and consulted as experts to discuss the vital need for cultural competency. Challenge yourselves to increase your reach and contribute to the celebration of his leadership and legacy if you have not already begun. While others are finding ways to remain safe and acknowledge Dr. King across the world, we have the privilege of being more intimately involved here in Atlanta and coincidentally The King Center’s message aligns with the above quote of reference: “It Starts With Me,” Shifting Priorities to Create The Beloved Community. While being safe, I encourage you to find your way to the many engagements that are already happening in our community. Please visit the King Center’s website to get involved as it fits your level of comfort. 

It is always a joy to honor one of the most powerful men in US History. The equality he fought for continues to ring far and wide today. We will continue to do our best at Morehouse School of Medicine. I believe Dr. King would be proud of our efforts to achieve health equity.

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Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice
President and Dean of Morehouse School of Medicine