AJC Reports: MSM Trauma Team Rewrites Medical History

Every day they save lives. Now they're trying to save history.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently featured an article on members of the MSM Trauma Team and their effort to share the stories of African-American medical pioneers. They focused on the lives and contributions of Alvin Blount, M.D., the first African-American to serve in an integrated MASH unit in the Korean War; Clinton Battle, M.D., who as a young doctor delivered conjoined twins in a rural Mississippi home; and Vance Marchbanks, who designed an oxygen mask later used in aviation and aerospace.

Leslie Matthews, M.D., Omar Danner, M.D., Kahdi Udobi, M.D., Assad Taha, M.D., Jonathan Nguyen, D.O., and Ed Childs, M.D. led the effort to tell these forgotten tales. MSM student Latasha Oaks '21 and resident Ronald Hoard, M.D., also contributed to the project.

Read more about their efforts in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


MSM Trauma Team