Georgia House of Representatives Formally Recognize & MSM President and Dean Valerie Montgomery Rice on the House Floor



March 26, 2015 - Morehouse School of Medicine’s (MSM) and President and Dean Valerie Montgomery Rice was formally recognized Wednesday, on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives Chamber. Georgia Representatives Pat Gardner and Calvin Smyre sponsored the Invitation Resolution to formally recognize the institution and its leader for their work as both community educators and leaders  


In a brief speech, Dr. Montgomery Rice thanked her mother and painted a picture of the joy her mother would experience to see her receive such acknowledgment.  Reflecting on her Georgia roots and the sacrifices her mother made to help get her where she is today, Dr. Montgomery Rice addressed the importance of Georgia’s “return on investments,” by investing in students like her.  


“My mother invested in her children future so that they could reinvest in the future of others,” said Dr. Montgomery Rice. 



Below are pictures from the event:


Dr. VMR          Stacy Adams & Dr. VMR


Dr. VMR, MSM Staff            Dr. VMR on Chamber Floor


Dr. VMR speaking on the House Floor             Dr. VMR speaking on the House floor


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