OverviewCommunity Health and Preventive Medicine (CHPM) adopts an approach to diagnosing health problems at the community level and working with the community to develop a treatment plan.

Health Promotion Resource Center

Affiliated InstitutionsThe mission of the Health Promotion Resource Center is to work independently and collaboratively to develop a comprehensive network of culturally competent programs and services to empower and promote the development of healthy families and communities.

Area Health Ed. Center

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) plans, develops, operates and maintains health education centers that link the university health science center with local planning and educational and clinical resources.

Prevention Research Center

The MSM Prevention Research (PRC) is one of a network of academic research centers across the United States funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The mission of the MSM PRC is to conduct interdisciplinary community-based applied public health prevention research with African American and other minority and health disparity populations experiencing persistent health inequities, train underrepresented community-based research and public health practitioners, and demonstrate the value of community coalitions in conducting research.


MSM employs more than 250 full- and part-time faculty members, many of whom are internationally recognized in their field.


Residency Program

Residency ProgramsThis residency program trains qualified physicians to promote healthy behavior and prevent disease, injury and premature death.

Satcher Health Leadership Institute

Contact UsOur mission is to develop a diverse group of public health leaders, foster and support leadership strategies, and influence policies and practices toward the reduction and ultimate elimination of disparities in health.

National Center for Primary Care

The National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) is an academic research, training and resource center focused on promoting excellence in community oriented primary care and optimal health outcomes for all Americans.

Center for Community Health & Service-Learning

The Center for Community Health & Service-Learning engages health professional students, faculty, community-based organizations and academic affiliates in service-learning, community service and civic engagement.

Cancer Health Equity Institute

MSM Cancer Health Equity Institute is dedicated to conducting laboratory, clinical, and population-based cancer research toward the advancement of cancer health equity and training future cancer researchers.

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