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Teaching Academy

Welcome to the Teaching Academy, where we honor and develop Morehouse School of Medicine best faculty and master teachers by bringing together the best teaching faculty from across campus to create a collective voice for teaching excellence.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Teaching Academy at Morehouse School of Medicine is to promote excellence in teaching and connect stellar faculty and master teachers for building an unconventional repository of resources that will provide knowledge and activities to transform instruction, mentorship and promote scholarly activities in education.  

    The academy will serve as national model of pedagogy excellence in creating a learning environment, which optimizes innovations in medical educations, biomedical research, public health practice and use of health equity learning simulation of Primarily Caring.

  • Goals
    • Promote excellence in teaching and scholarly activity and productivity
    • Reward and support excellent teachers and mastery in improving learning outcomes
    • Promote scholarship in education
    • Facilitate innovations in teaching and learning
    • Facilitate curriculum innovations through use of simulated-based learning applications
  • Excellence in Teaching

    The academy will:

    • Develop a curriculum to enhance excellence in teaching
    • Provide ongoing faculty development seminars
    • Provide support for teaching fellowships
    • Develop instruments of measure and policies that will link teaching skills with promotion and compensation
  • Rewards for Teaching Excellence
    • Rewards for faculty who meet guidelines for excellence in teaching
    • Support of professional development activities
    • Membership to the Master Teacher Mentorship Institute
  • Scholarship in Education
    • Support for scholarly activities in education
    • Innovation in Teaching and Learning
    • Faculty development resources that will facilitate innovations in teaching and learning in support of MSM's mission
  • Curriculum Development
    • The academy will promote and support opportunities for innovations in curriculum development.
    • Teaching Academy Committee will formalize the criteria and board of educators

      TAM Committee will formalize the criteria and board of educators

  • Preparing Future Learners and Leaders

    A Bold Vision Imperative for the Next Generation of Learners and Leaders

    • IMPACT: The World Needs What We Do Best
    • Shifting the Curve
    • Providing Primarily Caring Physicians, Public Health Champions and Catalyst Scientist and Leaders to the globe
    • MSM has ~230 faculty and 65.37 teaching FTEs
    • The Teaching Academy at MSM is a personalized collaborative and collective learning intensive established to provide robust training & development for faculty and designed to yield master teachers and assert idealistic teaching methods to advance our North Star Health Equity for all our cadre of learners.
    • How are we integrating innovation and optimizing our collective effort to disrupt status quo learning models using our predictive analytics for ourselves through relevant assessment and evaluation methodologies to achieve the desired outcomes?



Teachers of Distinction Nomination

TeachingA Morehouse School of Medicine Teacher of Distinction is a faculty member who demonstrates service, integrity and commitment to excellence in teaching in MSM’s medical, biosciences and public health education communities. Also, a MSM Teacher of Distinction will have a proven track record of teaching excellence and commitment to:

  • Mastery of subject content and effective delivery
  • Encouraging scholarship, personal growth and collegiality
  • Serving as a mentor and academic advisor
  • Leading and supporting innovation in teaching
  • Facilitating the exchange of ideas within and across disciplines
  • Promoting collaboration among educators and other professionals
  • Supporting the development and recognition of faculty
  • Exploring new education and training opportunities in health science, public health, and research
  • Demonstration of participation in professional development


Selection Criteria

The unique contributions of candidates across these domains will be evaluated through rigorous peer review. Additionally, a portfolio of educational achievements and contributions (and an up-to-date curriculum vitae accompanied by supporting documents, including letters of reference will be a part of the evaluation process.

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