Ty Cobb Scholarship

Ty Cobb Educational Foundation

Eligible recipients must be residents of the state of Georgia who have attended medical, dental, law or veterinary school and have demonstrated financial need.

Renewal awards are based on merit and financial need. Scholarships are normally awarded for a period of one academic year. The amount of the awards varies.

Deadline date for all forms and information is June 15. The transcript must be official and must include grades of the current spring semester.

For further information contact:

Ty Cobb Educational Foundation
P.0. Box 937
Sharpsburg, GA 30277

George and Pearl Strickland Scholarship

Scholarships are provided to assist deserving low income students in obtaining a college education. Applicants must be a Georgia resident and enrolled or accepted for enrollment at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Selection is based on a candidate's demonstrated financial need and potential for success in his or her chosen field. Academic records, co-curricular and community activities, work records, character references and other achievements deemed to have predictive value are required for evaluation during the selection process.

The amount of the award varies each year with the opportunity for renewal. Applications must be received by the Metropolitan Atlanta Community Foundation by March 1.   A limited amount of applications are available in the SFAO.