Desiree Rivers, Ph.D., MSPH

Desiree Rivers, Ph.D., MSPH 

Assistant Professor

Community Health and Preventive Medicine

Cancer Health Equity Institute
Location: National Center for Primary Care, 3rd Floor
Phone: (404) 752-1619


Moffitt Cancer Center
NCI Patient Navigator Research Program - Cancer Disparities


Texas A&M University
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Health Education

UAB School of Public Health
Degree: Master of Science in Public Health - Healthcare Organization and Policy

Vanderbilt University
Degree: Bachelor of Psychology

Research Interests

Health Care Disparities in access and utilization of health services, including biomedical research and clinical trials for the prevention, treatment and survivorship of cancer among minority and medically underserved populations.


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Honors and Awards

2017                National Institute on Aging, Butler-Williams Scholar

2016                NCI U54 MSM-TU-UABCCC Health Disparities Research Training, Fellow

2016                NCI GMAP Region 2, K Award Training Program Fellow

2007-2009       NCI PNRP Moffitt Cancer Center, Postdoctoral Fellow

2006-2007       Society for Public Health Education, Student Trustee

2006-2007       Eta Sigma Gamma Honor Society, Alpha Pi Chapter Member

2004-2007       Texas A&M, Office of Graduate Studies, Diversity Fellow

2001-2002       UAB School of Medicine, Student National Medical Association, Administrative President

1999                Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Public Health Fellow

1998-1999       UAB Lister Hill Center for Health Policy, Fellow