Kofi Kondwani, Ph.D., M.S. 

Assistant Professor

Community Health & Preventive Medicine

Assistant Professor

Family Medicine
Location: National Center for Primary Care 246
Phone: 404-756-1478
E-mail: kkondwani@msm.edu


University of Pittsburgh
Fellowship: Epidemiology

Maharishi International University
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Psychophysiology

Maharishi International University
Degree: Master of Science in Psychophysiology

Maharishi International University
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Psychophysiology

Board Certification

American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation


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Rust G, Taylor V, Herbert-Carter J, Smith QT, Earles K, Kondwani K. The Morehouse Faculty Development Program: evolving methods and 10-year outcomes. Fam Med. 2006 Jan;38(1):43-9. PMID: 16378258

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Kondwani KA, Lollis CM.  Is there a role for stress management in reducing hypertension in African Americans? Ethn Dis. 2001 Fall;11(4):788-92. Review. PMID: 11763303

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Honors and Awards

2007: Outstanding Faculty Award, MPH Students

2004: Outstanding Faculty Award, Masters of Public Health, Morehouse School of Medicine

2003: Martin Luther King, Jr., Collegium of Scholars, Morehouse College

2000:Teacher of the Year, Faculty Development Program, Morehouse School of Medicine