Roger Simon, M.D. 



Location: Multidisciplinary Research Center 238
Phone: 404-756-8811


University of California San Francisco
Residency: Neurology

New York Hospital
Residency: Medicine

Cornell Medical College
Degree: Doctor of Medicine in Internal Medicine

Pennsylvania State University
Master of Science in Entomology

Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Science in Zoology

Research Interests

My scientific focus has been on neuroprotection of acute brain injury. Firsts include: showing (with Brian Meldrum) the neuroprotection of ischemic brain by glutamate (NMDA) receptor blockade, the demonstration of  ischemic tolerance induced protection against experimental stroke, the description of  the transcriptional suppression as the genomic phenotype of ischemic tolerance, and the demonstration of the proteomic mechanism of gene silencing producing tolerance. We also discovered the central role of Acid Sensing Ion Channels in acute brain injury. These discoveries were published in Science, Science Signaling and Cell among other journals. I also write (with Drs Aminoff and Greenberg), the best-selling neurology textbook: Clinical Neurology, now in its 8th edition, translated into seven languages.

Board Certification

American Board of Neurology & Psychiatry                      

American Board of Internal Medicine


Bian F, Simon RP, Li Y, David L, Wainwright J, Hall CL, Frankel M, Zhou A. Nascent proteomes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a novel source for biomarker discovery in human stroke. Stroke. 2014 Apr;45(4):1177-9. 

Li MH, Liu SQ, Inoue K, Lan J, Simon RP, Xiong ZG. Acid-sensing ion channels in mouse olfactory bulb M/T neurons. J Gen Physiol. Jun;143(6):719-31. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201310990. Epub 2014 May 12. PMID: 24821964

Meller R, Simon RP. Tolerance to Ischemia - an increasingly complex biology. Transl Stroke Res. 2013 Feb 1;4(1):40-50. Epub 2013 Jan 11

Garrett SL, Sawyer P, Kennedy RE, McGuire D, Simon RP, Strothers HS 3rd, Allman RM. Racial and sex differences in associations between activities of daily living and cognition in community-dwelling older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2013 Dec;61(12):2174-80.

Mandava P, Murthy S, Munoz M, McGuire D, Simon R, Alexandrov A, Albright K, Boehme A, Martin-Schild S, Martini S, Kent T. Consideration of Baseline Factors to Assess rt-PA Response with Respect to Race and Gender. Stroke 2013 Jun;44(6):1525-31. 

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Honors and Awards

2012:Distinguished Scientist Seminar series speaker, Uni Alb at Mobile

2006: Scientific Advisory Committee, SNRP, U of Alaska, Fairbanks       

2005: Amer Neurol Assoc Victor and Clara Soriano Lectureship

2005: Italian Society for Neuroscience Plenary Lecturer 

2004: Board of Scientific Counselors, NIH/NINDS, Ad Hoc Member