Michael D. Powell, Ph.D.

Michael D. Powell, Ph.D. 


Microbiology, Biochemistry & Immunology

Location: Research Wing
Phone: 404-752-1582
E-mail: mpowell@msm.edu


The University of Texas at Dallas 
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular and Cell Biology

The University of Texas at Dallas
Degree: Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology

The University of Texas at Arlington
Degree: Master of Science in Microbiology 

The University of Texas at Arlington
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Microbiology 

Research Interests

Neurologic consequences of HIV infection:

My research interests center about the role of extra cellular vesicles (EVs) in the pathogenesis of HIV.  We have shown that the expression of HIV protein Nef in HEK293 cells induces the production of EVs.  Our latest research suggests that EVs play a role in the pathogenesis of HIV associated neurological disorders (HAND). Brain cells (SH-SY5Y) treated with Nef EVs secrete more amyloid beta.  Since amyloid beta has been associated with cognitive disorders it could provide a link between HIV infection and neurological dysfunction.

This project is funded in part by NIMHD grant 5R21NS105577

Traditional African treatment for HIV/AIDS:
We have also been working with traditional healers in Senegal (Prometra) to investigate an herbal treatment for HIV/AIDS.  We have shown that water soluble extracts from medicinal plants contain a potent antiviral activity.  We are working to understand the mechanism of action of these plant extracts as a potential treatment for HIV/AIDS.  We are also interested in other medicinal plants to better understand these alternative treatments.

Please see the documentary film produced by the Andrew Young Foundation “Strong Medicine” for more information about this project:



Core facilities:
I am also involved in the management of the Research Infrastructure Core (RIC) at Morehouse School of Medicine.  This facility was recently funded through a U54 grant from NIH (2U54 MD007602) 


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Honors and Awards

2013: Outstanding Teaching Award (MSM 2nd year Medical Students) 

2012: Outstanding Teaching Award (MSM 2nd year Medical Students) 

2011: Outstanding Teaching Award (MSM 2nd year Medical Students) 

2009: Outstanding Teaching Award (MSM 2nd year Medical Students)