Douglas Paulsen, Ph.D.

Douglas Paulsen, Ph.D. 


Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Pathology & Anatomy
Location: Hugh Gloster Building B230
Phone: 404-752-1559


Wake Forest University
Doctor of Philosophy in Anatomy

McDaniel College
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biology   

Research Interests

  • The formation, maintenance, diseases and repair of bones and muscles
  • Limb development and skeletal patterning.
  • The roles of retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) in regulating cell and tissue function.
  • Microgravity effects on musculoskeletal tissues in embryos and adults.


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  • von Deutsch DA, Abukhalaf IK, Wineski LE, Roper RR, Aboul-Enein HY, Paulsen DF, Potter DE. Distribution and muscle-sparing effects of clenbuterol in hindlimb-suspended rats. Pharmacology. 2002 May;65(1):38-48. PMID: 11901300
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  • Lo WK, Shaw AP, Paulsen DF, Mills A. Spatiotemporal distribution of zonulae adherens and associated actin bundles in both epithelium and fiber cells during chicken lens development. Exp Eye Res. 2000 Jul;71(1):45-55. PMID: 10880275 

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