Gianluca Tosini, Ph.D.

Gianluca Tosini, Ph.D. 

Chief Scientific Research Officer

Professor and Chair

Pharmacology & Toxicology
Location: Research Wing 306/307
Phone: 404-756-5214


University of Bristol
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy

Research Interests

The Role Circadian Clock and Light in the Regulation of Ocular Physiology and Health.

Circadian rhythms are fluctuations in biological processes that occur on a daily basis. These rhythms provide a selective advantage to organisms by allowing them to anticipate regular changes in their environment that occur as the day progresses. The daily, solar cycle of light and darkness is generally considered to be the most powerful entrainment stimulus. The retina is a remarkably rhythmic tissue, with many cellular, biochemical, and physiological processes expressed in a circadian fashion. It is generally accepted that these retinal circadian rhythms allow the organism to anticipate and cope with the more than 1 million-fold change in light intensity from night to day and to optimize visual function for each intensity. The functioning and the role of the retinal circadian system in regulating retinal physiology in health and disease state is the focus of the research in my laboratory.


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