Joel A. Okoli, M.D., M.P.H., FACS

Joel A. Okoli, M.D., M.P.H., FACS 

Associate Professor

Surgery - Division of Surgical Oncology

Phone: (404) 616-1415


State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine 
Residency: General Surgery  

State of New York Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Fellowship: Endoscopy & Vascular Access

State of New York Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Fellowship: Surgical Oncology & Endoscopy 


Yale University
Degree: Doctor of Medicine 

Yale University
Master of Public Health 


Seattle University
Bachelor of Science Clinical Chemistry


Benign and malignant diseases of the breast, small and large intestine, liver, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid, parotid glands, soft tissue tumors, melanoma, and endoscopy.


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Xu, J., Shumate, C., Qin, Y., Reddy, V., Burnam, Y., Lopez, V., Okoli, J. A., Reddy, E., Rao, V. N. (2017). “A Novel Ubc9 -dependent Pathway Regulates SIRT1- ER-α Axis and BRCA1- Associated TNBC Lung Metastasis”. Integrated Molecular Medicine(2017), 4(4); 1-7.

Turner, J., Liasis, L., Malletzis, G., Chase, A., E. P., Okoli, J. A., Rao, V. N., Clark, C. (2017). Prognostic Impact of Lymph Node Ratio in Obstructive Colorectal Cancer. Journal of Cancer Epidemiology & Treatment.

Turner, J., Lampros, L., Malietzis, G., Okoli, J. A., Reddy, E., Rao, V., Chase, A., Clark, C. (2017). Prognostic impact of lymph node ration in obstructive colorectal cancer. Journal of Cancer Epidemiology & Treatment, 1(4), 8-12.

Lai, L., Binkley, J., Jones, V., Kirkpatrick, S., Furbish, C., Stratford, P., Thompson, W., Sidhu, A., Farley, C., Okoli, J. A., Beech, D., Gabram, S. (2016). “Implementing the Prospective Surveillance Model (PSM) of Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Patients with 1-Year Postoperative Follow-up, a Prospective, Observational Study”. Annuals of Surgical Oncology(Ann Surg Oncol (2016) 23:3379–3384).

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