Office of Finance
Morehouse School of Medicine
Hugh Gloster Building
1st Floor
720 Westview Drive, SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Office of Grants and Contracts is responsible for the management and administration of sponsored projects and programs, including pre-award responsibilities for coordination of routing, review and institutional approval of proposals; award receipt and account establishment; and account closeout activities. The office also is responsible for oversight of effort reporting and produces ad hoc reports concerning funding and regulatory matters.


Brenda G. Willis
Director of Grants & Contracts

Phone: (404) 756-5791
Email: bwillis@msm.edu

Nichelle R. Eichelberger
Grants & Contracts Accountant

Phone: (404) 752-1961
Email: neichelberger@msm.edu

Angela Garvin
Grants & Contracts Accountant

Phone: (404) 752-1928
Email: agarvin@msm.edu

Shannon Jafolis
Senior Grants & Contracts Accountant

Phone: (404) 752-1151
E-mail: sjafolis@msm.edu

Terryl F. Obasanya
Senior Grants & Contracts Accountant

Phone: (404) 756-5726
Email: tobasanya@msm.edu

Sonya Peacock
Grants & Contracts System Specialist

Phone: (404) 752-1686
Email: speacock@msm.edu

Ann M. Royal
Grants & Contracts Assistant

Phone: (404) 752- 1675
E-mail: aroyal@msm.edu

M. Deloris Walker
Grants & Contracts Assistant

Phone: (404) 756-5728
Email: mwalker@msm.edu


Annual Financial Statement and OMB Circular A-133 Audit Reports
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