Modernizing P2P

Morehouse School of Medicine has recognized the need to modernize the procure-to-pay process and have adopted e-sourcing technology. Everyone benefits from this implementation of e-procurement. Some of the benefits included are an Increase in productivity allowing everyone to do more in a shorter amount of time. As well as, reducing staff cost in association with processing PO’s and submitting inquiries giving more time to more-value added task.

By implementing the modernized P2P e-technology, completing requisition, waiting on purchase order approval’s and wondering if the supplier has received your order or if they’ve received payment has all been streamlined.

Our A/P process has transitioned to the cloud, and tracking and monitoring has become more efficient. While we have accelerated the process, we can ensure accuracy at the same time.


Our modernized P2P tool we have implemented is MedMart. MedMart is our new marketplace where MSM departments will have access to shop for all the same supplies, products and services as before with all the same suppliers that you are used to ordering from. What’s changed is the efficiency of approvals from the many different levels, creating PO’s and submitting them to the suppliers using MedMart.

Also, suppliers that use e-technology send us invoices electronically which speeds up the A/P process and sending payments is automatic.