GEBS Learning Communities


The GEBS Learning Communities are groups of graduate education students facilitated by faculty mentors that encourage the formation of valuable skills and relationships as well as facilitate graduate school transitions.


The GEBS Learning Communities are:

  • PhD Year 1 Learning Community
  • PhD Pre-Candidates Learning Community
  • PhD Candidates Learning Community
  • MSBR Year 1 Learning Community
  • MSBR Year 2 Learning Community 
  • MSMS Year 1 Learning Community
    • MSMS Year 2 Learning Community
    • MSCR Learning Community


Topics Include:

  • Exam Evaluation
  • Networking
  • Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout
  • Managing School and Life
  • Stress Reduction
  • Individual Development
  • Study Skills
  • Preparing for Qualifying Exams
  • Conflict Management


  • These topics are designed to build graduate student camaraderie, morale, and self-confidence and to enhance academic, interpersonal, leadership, and critical thinking skills.