Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) Student Testimonials

Alden Brown - MD Class of 2025

Alden Brown

The MSMS program means more to me than words could express. Though I was only a part of the program for one year, I thoroughly enjoyed my time. Despite a pandemic, the MSMS program extensively prepared me for my future career as a physician and gave me the tools I needed to get accepted into medical school. I completely recommend this program to anyone considering it, and if I had to do this all over again, I would make the same decision!

Rasheda Richards - MSMS Class of 2022

Rasheda Richards

The Master of Medical Sciences program is an excellent opportunity to gain a solid foundation in preparation for medical school. For someone like myself, this program was perfect because I felt as though I needed a more concrete understanding of the material necessary to do well on the MCAT and increase my readiness for medical school. My study habits and test-taking skills have improved tremendously with the help of the program. The faculty in the MSMS program tailor their curriculum to prepare students in a rigorous yet highly supportive way. The support system within the MSMS program is unmatched. Both classmates and instructors take the time to have check-ins with students to ensure everyone receives the help and resources needed to excel. It is because of this program I have confidence that I can and will succeed in medical school.

Ndidi Ude - MD Class of 2024

Ndidi Ude

I applied for the Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) program to become a more competitive medical school applicant by increasing my MCAT score. However, in addition to increasing my score I became part of a family here at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM). MSM gave me the opportunity that a lot of other schools did not and for that I will forever be grateful. After completing a year of the MSMS program and matriculating as an MD student, I know that I would not have made it this far without the program.