Archived Webinars

HI-BRIDGE Solutions webinars focus on educating the health care community by providing key Health IT resources required for successful practice transformation.

  • 2023

    Reframe Your Perspective to Improve Stress Management!

    May is Mental Health Awareness month. Your perspective is powerful in creating the life you want. What exactly is perspective? Join our interactive Q&A session with Dr. Shawn Garrison, Professor of Psychology at Morehouse School of Medicine as she shares insights to help us manage the stress that results from our hectic lives.


    • Define Perspective
    • Discuss how shifting your perspective can impact your life
    • Suggest Tips on how to reduce stress

    Get Hip to HIPAA With 2023 Best Practices

    Is your practice vigilant in complying with its obligations under the HIPAA Security Rule? Healthcare organizations must protect PHI (protected health information) and continue to build trust with patients, protect themselves from cyber threats, and avoid Office for Civil Rights (OCR) penalties. Join us for an overview of HIPAA, a review of recent updates and changes, and suggestions on how to stay compliant.


    • Overview of HIPAA and Security Risk Analysis
    • Review updates and changes
    • Suggest compliance tips

    Advancing Health Equity for Underserved Populations Through the Use of Digital Health Tools (DHTs)

    We will be discussing the adoption and use of digital health tools (DHTs), such as telehealth, by looking at how (1) primary care clinicians are practicing in underserved communities and (2) the use of telehealth among people with disabilities living in Georgia. Join us as we examine each study, highlighting the adoption of DHTs and the policy changes needed to advance equitable access for underserved communities.


    • Assess the utilization of DHTs by primary care clinicians and people with disabilities.
    • Address barriers to the facilitation and use of DHTs in primary care settings and in underserved populations.
    • Identify multi-level interventions that will support the use of DHTs to advance health equity beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Fantasy vs. Reality

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has captured our imaginations thanks to Hollywood portrayals. How often do you interact with AI daily? How is AI used to advance healthcare? Join us as we dive into a few ways AI in healthcare is already making a difference.


    • Describe what AI is and how it is being used in our daily lives.
    • List current AI applications used to support healthcare.
    • Investigate challenges and opportunities for AI in healthcare.
  • 2022

    Let’s Chat; Using EHR Technology to Maximize Patient Care and Reduce Hypertension Risk!

    Hypertension is a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke, as well as preventable death and disability in Georgia. According to the CDC, Georgia ranks 15th in the United States for hypertension, and just over one in three adult Georgians have hypertension. Can the utilization of your electronic health record help to identify and support your patients with hypertension? Join our special guest from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) Mr. Brandon Calvert as he discusses using the information already in your electronic health record to reduce hypertension risks. Together, we can make a difference!  


    • Define the importance of addressing hypertension management to maximize patient care
    • Review tools to utilize your electronic health record to identify patients with undiagnosed hypertension
    • Discuss provider challenges and lessons learned

    Health Information Exchange (HIE), Improving efficiency, quality, safety, and cost of patient care!

    There are immeasurable benefits to connecting to an HIE. Appropriate, timely sharing of vital patient information can better inform medical decision-making at the point of care. It also allows providers to avoid readmissions, improve diagnosis, avoid medical errors, and decrease duplicate testing. Join us to review the use of Health Information Exchange, an overview of products and services, and understand the benefits of utilizing an HIE for both the clinician and the patient.


    • Review the use of Health Information Exchange
    • Overview of products and services
    • Understand the benefits of utilizing HIE to exchange data
    • Review the importance of ADT Alerting

     Remote Patient Monitoring: Real Data, Real Time, Real Revenue - Q&A with Amin Holmes

    Precipitous change and unprecedented opportunity are now the trademarks of the healthcare industry. The future of healthcare will continue to accelerate towards technology driven by virtual care models.  Join Amin Holmes in an interactive discussion on how to improve data driven clinical decision making, through the use of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Learn how to reduce patient’s expenses, improve work productivity, and build patient engagement.


    • Review the benefits of Using Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
    • Provide an overview of the 2022 RPM Reimbursement Rates
    • Review tips on successful ways to improve work productivity and build patient engagement

    Federal Health IT Regulations – What’s New and How To!

    With the challenges faced over the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, limited resources, new federal technology mandates and patient access requirements, it has become increasingly hard to keep up with what a practice must do, much less should be doing.  Although you may not participate in a Medicare, Medicaid or private payor program that has specific health information technology requirements, all practicing providers are subject to some form of federal technology regulation.  Which of the regulations apply to you?  What should you be doing at your practice to remain compliant?  Join us as we provide an overview of some of the newest of the requirements, as well as review a few that continue to stay with us.  We will also discuss tips on “keeping up with these regs” through 2022


    • Review additions to ongoing federal health information technology requirements 
    • Provide an overview of recent additions to federal regulations
    • Review tips on successful compliance with these requirements 

    Stress Management: Creative Paths Through Chaotic Times

    Are you aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Healthcare workers are not immune to the stresses from living in an unparalleled moment of uncertainty in the history of our country and in our individual lives. Please join HI-BRIDGE Solutions’ special guest Ms. Lilli Lindbeck, Risk Adjustment Coder with Inovalon, Inc., for an insightful overview of how the brain processes stress, how trauma impacts the body, and tools to use to calm the brain, help the body heal and harness energy to access one's creative gifts for the benefit of ourselves and our patients.


    • Identify how our feelings, thinking, and sensing brain processes stress
    • Increase awareness to the feeling reactors that may cause stress on our bodies
    • Review tools used to calm the brain, help the body heal and harness energy to access creative gifts.

    Navigating the Future of Healthcare Together - Health IT Symposium

    Please join us for an engaging discussion with industry experts who will share actionable insights on how to navigate the interoperability roadmap. They will also highlight the requirements of the 21st Century’s Cures Act and its impact on the delivery of care in your healthcare organization.

    Attendees can also expect a segment on what’s happening in Georgia, as well as interactive panel discussion focused on using digital health technologies in improving quality of care, care coordination, and enhance the communication between physicians and patients.


    • Eleven industry experts will share actionable insights on how to navigate the interoperability roadmap
    • An interactive panel will foster dynamic conversations
    • A Q&A will answer questions about the growing healthcare industry

    Delivering Proactive Primary Care and Increased Patient Satisfaction Through the Annual Wellness Visit

    HI-BRIDGE Solutions is pleased to have PREMEDEX provide valuable insights on maximizing the revenue generation and patient satisfaction opportunities available within the Annual Wellness Visit. The AWV helps clinicians create a personalized health plan to address current patient concerns and proactively promote wellness. Focus on care coordination, optimizing coding and increasing visit volume, compliments the health of your practice’s bottom line! Join us and benefit from our presenter’s wealth of experience.


    • Taking a team-based approach to AWV delivery
    • Prioritizing high-risk patients for appointments
    • Conducting pre-visit planning session
    • Introducing enhanced monitoring capabilities during visits
    • The positive effects on quality of care and reimbursement

    Hypertension: Using Technology to Improve Health Outcomes

    You have probably heard that hypertension contributes to the first and fifth leading causes of death in the United States and that almost half of the adults living in the U.S. have hypertension. Only about 1 out of 4 has their hypertension under control. The Surgeon General’s call for action includes optimizing patient care for hypertension. Join us to learn how you can use your electronic health record technology to improve your patient’s outcomes!


    • Define the importance of addressing hypertension management to improve outcomes
    • Review suggestions for utilizing electronic health record data to identify and manage patients with hypertension
    • Identify benefits of implementing a hypertension management quality initiative


  • 2021

    Get the Right Information for the Right Patient at the Right Time!

    Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the essential information highway to improving interoperability and increasing patient care delivery. This virtual superhighway provides a window into the complete patient record with benefits for both the clinician and the patient with the goals of improved care coordination, reduction of health care costs, and cross-facility utilization and readmissions, plus much more. Join us to view a live demonstration on how to optimize your use of the HIE, and the benefits of exchanging data to improve the quality of care. 

    Webinar objectives:

    • Review the use of Health Information Exchange
    • Understand the benefits of utilizing HIE to exchange data
      Share a demonstration of the HIE platform

     Medicaid Promoting Interoperability, The Final Pitch

    It is close to the end of the Promoting Interoperability Program, and what an adventure it has been! In preparing for the final Medicaid PI Incentive Program reporting period, there are a number of items to consider. Join us as we sum up PY 2021 and provide some tips for the final attestation period. We want to ensure you're prepared to successfully hit the submission button by September 30, 2021 so don’t miss it!

    Let’s Chat, Promoting Interoperability... A Success Story

    The Promoting Interoperability Program is nearing its end, and what a journey it has been! As we approach the final Medicaid PI Incentive Program reporting period, we would like to highlight a successfully participating practice and their experience through six years of hard-earned attestations. Join our webinar for an interactive chat with Mr. Kenneth Rice, the Manager of Amazing Pediatrics, as he shares how he overcame many challenges throughout the program.

    The Security Risk Assessment – A Requirement and Resource

    With the rise of data breaches and ransomware attacks, medical practices have become more vulnerable and continue to struggle with the security of their electronic patient information. The Security Risk Analysis (SRA) is an integral and required component of this effort. Regardless of your practice size, your patient load, your specialty, the insurance you accept or the knowledge level of your staff – all practices are required to conduct a SRA. Join Healthcare Attorney Kelly Jolley and HIT Specialist Liz Hansen as they discuss what every practice should be doing about the SRA and how to use it as a tool to maintain the security of your patient data.

    Webinar objectives:

    • Review of the Practice security environment
    • Overview of SRA requirements
    • Review of the SRA effort
    • Discuss the SRA as a resource
    • Tips for immediate action

    Hypertension - Can We Use Technology to Improve Patient Engagement?

    Can the utilization of your electronic health record help to identify and support your patients with hypertension? Proactive interventions can impact your quality and cost measures if you participate in CMS incentive programs. More importantly they can help your patients maintain quality of life. Join us as we discuss how you can maximize the data available from your Electronic Health Record to advance proactive patient engagement.

    Webinar objectives:

    • Review prevalence and importance of managing hypertension
    • Highlight potential for technology to impact patient engagement and outcomes
    • Discuss guidelines and resources focused on proactive hypertension management

    Annual Wellness Visit: Maximizing Revenue Generation and Patient Satisfaction

    HI-BRIDGE Solutions is pleased to have PREMEDEX provide valuable insights on maximizing the revenue generation and patient satisfaction opportunities available within the Annual Wellness Visit. The AWV helps clinicians create a personalized health plan to address current patient concerns and proactively promote wellness. Focus on care coordination, optimizing coding and increasing visit volume, compliments the health of your practice bottom line! Join us and benefit from our presenter’s years of experience.

    Webinar objectives:

    • Maximizing the Annual Wellness Visit and Chronic Care Management
    • Optimize coding to avoid missed revenue opportunities (all payers?)
    • Increase visit volume via virtual or telehealth connections with patient

    Make it a Home Run, Promoting Interoperability, The Finale!

    The deadline for Program Year 2020 Promoting Interoperability is quickly approaching. With the program ending soon, there are several areas of discussion to ensure your submission is successful. To ensure you are prepared to hit the submission button on May 31, 2021, please join our webinar for a 2020 wrap up and final tips for a successful 2021.

    Webinar objectives:
    • Review commonly used errors
    • Overview of Program requirements
    • Understand the actions required to meet the PI public health measure
    • Review API and HIE documentation requirement
    • Overview and final tips for a successful 2021

    Data at your Fingertips; Improving Interoperability, HIE and Direct Messaging

    Health Information Exchange (HIE) is essential to improving interoperability, especially in the final year of Meaningful Use in the Promoting Interoperability effort. Join us to view a demonstration on how to optimize your use of the HIE, and the benefits of utilizing Direct Messaging to simplify the exchange of health information data.

    Webinar objectives:
    • Review the use of Health Information Exchange
    • Understand the benefits of utilizing both HIE and Direct Messaging to better exchange health data
    • View Direct Messaging demonstration

     Medicaid Promoting Interoperability - Are we done yet?

    The final chapter of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Incentive Program is quickly approaching.  With early submission dates, date range changes and greater clarity on newer measures, there are several areas of discussion for the 2021 participation year.  But first, let's make sure you are ready to put 2020 in the books.  Please join our webinar for a 2020 wrap up and a 2021 kickoff. 

  • 2020

    Digital Health Tools and Health Policy: An Update on What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and all the challenges it has presented, it is vital to stay current on health policy changes and how they can impact you. In collaboration with Morehouse School of Medicine’s National Center for Primary Care, join us for important updates on the Digital Health Tools Study, state and federal health polices, and a look at the future and how clinicians can get engaged.


    • Discuss the Digital Health Tools Study and ways that primary care clinicians in Georgia can engage
    • Provide updates on recent and upcoming state and federal health policy changes

    Improving Interoperability: Things you should know about HIE and Public Health Registries

    The MAPIR portal is now open to start your PY2020 Medicaid Promoting Interoperability PI attestations. 2020 has presented a great deal of challenges and changes in promoting interoperability efforts, but HI-BRIDGE is here to help you get it right! Join us to learn how Health Information Exchange (HIE) applies to the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program, and the Do’s and Don’ts of Public Health reporting to effectively meet the requirements.


    • Define Health Information Exchange (HIE) and how it applies to Promoting Interoperability (PI)
    • Review methods to succeed in Health Information Exchange
    • Define Public Health reporting requirements and exclusions
    • Understand the actions required to meet the PI public health measure

    Let’s Talk Patient Engagement


    There are only two years left in the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. Let HI-BRIDGE help you get it right! Let us talk about the many challenges around Patient Engagement and Coordination of Care. Join us for a detailed overview on how to Promote Patient Electronic Access, Maintain a Standards-Based Patient Access API and Review Coordination of Care.


    • Promote Patient Electronic Access
    • Implement and maintain a standards-based Patient Access API
    • Review Patient education requirements
    • Review Coordination of Care through Patient Engagement


    Security Risk Analysis 2020 - COVID Adds a Twist

    As we continue to face unprecedented times and adjusting to the new norm during this COVID-19 crisis, HI-BRIDGE Solutions continues to work to ensure you have all of the tools, resources, and updated information needed to complete your 2020 Security Risk Analysis/Assessment ( SRA). This webinar will focus on how your SRA drives success in your Promoting Interoperability efforts. This discussion will be an interactive Q&A around tips on how to successfully complete an SRA, as well as the impact of COVID-19 has on completing your 2020 SRA.


    • Reexamine the requirements and preparedness
    • Facilitate a collaborative session on tips to successfully documenting your SRA
    • Discuss the impact of COVID-19 has on completing your SRA in 2020

    Resources for Coordinating Care for Patients with Chronic Diseases

    COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges for providers managing patients with chronic diseases. Electronic Health Record (EHR) optimization and finding ways to generate revenue can be especially difficult during this critical time. Join us to learn more about resources to assist your practice with managing chronic conditions through EHR utilization, data exchange and connectivity, and ways to bring revenue back into your practice. 


    Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

    • Review ways to better optimize your EHR
    • Establish opportunities to manage chronic diseases through data exchange, telehealth, and remote monitoring
    • Identify Incentive Programs to increase revenue in your organization

    Hypertension Management: Optimizing Your Electronic Health Record to Improve Quality of Care

    Did you know that about half of the adults in the United States have hypertension? Having hypertension puts a patient at risk for heart disease and stroke and costs the United States over half a billion dollars each year. Optimizing the use of the Electronic Health Record can improve care and demonstrate the improvement in care. Learn how to address this epidemic by using your Electronic Health Record.

    Back by Popular Demand-Addressing Quality Measures Through the Annual Wellness Visit 

    The Power of Information! Did you know that you can do the Annual Wellness visit and address 11 MIPS Quality measures? Attend Hi-BRIDGE Solution’s February Webinar, and learn how to make the most of this scenario as our guest speaker, Jacquelyn Burton of Alliant Quality shares workflow tips!

    Stress Reduction Strategies for Practice Staff

    People from all walks of life and professions have been impacted by the pandemic. Medical professionals are on the frontlines and are especially affected. HI-BRIDGE Solutions has brought together a practice manager and a behavioral health clinician to share Stress Reduction Strategies for Practice Staff. During these unprecedented times our healthcare workers are priceless resources in the battle against COVID-19. How can we support each other by recognizing the challenges and knowing what to do to manage them?


    • Define challenges introduced to practices by COVID-10
    • Review strategies to maintain staff morale and build coping skills
    • Identify available resources
  • 2019

    Ready, Set, Go! Attest to your Best MPI PY-2018 (January 2019)

    The Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program attestation/reporting deadline is quickly approaching. Register for this webinar and review what is needed to meet the expectations of attesting to PI for PY-2018. We will also examine the updates on documentation requirements, Clinical Quality Measures Reporting (CQM’s), and other challenges.

    Dot Your I's Cross Your T's - Do Your SRA, Please (February 2019)

    Don’t leave it to chance! It’s the law! Conducting an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) helps assess threats to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) that can be reasonably anticipated. Completing an adequate SRA is essential if you participate in either the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program or Quality Payment Program PI category. Join our experts, Selena Williams and Phoebe Nelms of GA-HITEC as they shed light on the SRA requirements.

    What is the Status of Your SRA? Join Our Q&A

    Answers for Small Practices: A deeper dive into the Security Risk Assessment (SRA) requirements. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive programs and HIPAA rules require every health care organization to complete an adequate Security Risk Analysis. Join GA-HITEC’s special guest, Kelly M. Jolley, Esq., a health law attorney focused on helping providers, in tandem with Liz Hansen, as they address frequently asked SRA questions

    Seize This Revenue Opportunity! Connect to Chronic Care Management

    The Chronic Care Management (CCM) payment program makes it financially feasible for clinicians to deliver care between office visits. When clinicians meet specific criteria, they can be reimbursed for care coordination activities such as phone calls outside of regular office visits to manage Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions. In this webinar, you will learn about CCM coding, program requirements, benefits to patients and how CCM can help you meet the Quality Payment Program care coordination requirements.

    Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Stage 3 - Target What Is Important!

    The Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Incentive Program is gearing up for PY-2019! HI-BRIDGE Solutions and DXC Technology will review what is needed to meet the requirements for attesting to Promoting Interoperability PY-2019, updates on required documentations, Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) and new software updates. Join this 30 minutes round table discussion and target what is important for Stage 3.

    Health Information Exchange - The Advanced Human Network

    Electronic exchange of clinical information is vital to health care interoperability for improving health care quality, safety, and patient outcomes. During this webinar, the panelist will share how HI-BRIDGE HIE has partnered with GaHIN, the state-designated Health Information Network as a connected partner to expand your understanding of health care interoperability and how to leverage tools and resources needed to achieve successful interoperability within the provider and patient environment! Also, hear directly from one of our high-performing practices on how they have tackled the HIE conundrum by using technology in the exchange of patient health information at the point of care.


  • 2018

    Attesting for the Medicaid MU Incentive Program (January 2018)

    The Medicaid Incentive Program portal is open and the Application Deadline is April 30, 2018. GA-HITEC is ready, willing and able to help you attest successfully for your incentive payment. Join us as we review Meaningful Use Measures and documentation requirements. Let us help you get it done!

    2018 MIPS Cost Measure - Where Do I Begin? (Febraury 2018)

    In this webinar, our expert presenter explains:

    • How to submit MIPS attestation data directly to CMS
    • How to create an EIDM account so you can review your MIPS submissions
    • Practical tips for addressing data submission challenges encountered by solo practitioners and small group practices
    • How to access free technical assistance resources available right now from CMS or a local Direct Support Organization funded by CMS

    Time is of the Essence! QPP Deadline Checklist (March 2018)

    Your MIPS data submission deadline for the 2017 Quality Payment Program is March 31, 2018! This webinar helps you tie up those loose ends. Our expert presenters, Liz and Phoebe, use the MIPS checklist to focus on the final preparations to submit data for all MIPS eligible clinicians.

    Medicaid Attestation Checklist Deadline (April 2018)

    The Meaningful Use Attestation Deadline for Program Year 2017 is April 30, 2018. Our expert presenters provide step by step instructions on how to upload all your required documents by diving deep into the expectations of the SRA (Security Risk Analysis) and CDSR (Clinical Decision Support Rules) submission requirements.

    MIPS Straight Talk - Practice to Practice (August 2018)

    Effectively managing a healthcare practice is a fine art. When talented managers collaborate, the whole is more beautiful than the sum of its parts. GA-HITEC has gathered a panel of practice management “artists” together for an educational collaboration; practice management tips and meeting the MIPS challenge!

    Keeping It Real: Success Tips for Promoting Interoperability PY 2018 (October 2018)

    In this webinar, our expert panelists:

    • Discuss strategies for challenging objectives and measures
    • Review tips for completing a successful attestation in the MAPIR system
    • Examine Security Risk Analysis (SRA) requirements
    • Share Audit Preparedness tips
    • Discuss the benefits of participating in PY 2018