Neuroscience Institute

The mission of the MSM Neuroscience Institute is to create a supportive and challenging environment for the investigation and teaching of the functional organization of the nervous system, and to seek ways to reduce suffering brought about by neurological disorders. Funding and administrative support were secured from the National Institutes of Health Office on Research for Minority Health and the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), respectively. The Neuroscience Institute is composed of selected faculty members from the Department of Neurobiology and the Department of Pharmacology at MSM who are conducting grant supported research.

MSMNI research areas cover a broad range of cellular and molecular neuroscience and include the molecular biology and physiology of circadian rhythm, mechanisms of sleep and sleep disorders, mechanisms of stroke and stroke prevention, photoreceptor and retinal physiology, glutamate receptor physiology and mechanisms of hyperexcitability in epilepsy. Investigators use a variety of experimental preparations including whole animals, the intact portions of the central nervous system, and simplified preparations, such as tissue slices and single cells, to study cellular activities and cell-cell communication under more controlled conditions.

The MSMNI recognizes the importance of transmitting current research information to students. Members of the MSMNI are involved in teaching graduate students, medical students, and health care professionals. A Summer Undergraduate Research Program targeting college students are designed to provide early opportunities to explore biomedical research career options is offered.

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